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  • jahosephat_2000 jahosephat_2000 Nov 30, 2012 10:41 PM Flag

    Sorry but this stock will go down, because of me....!

    After my dealing with a comapny that is trying to get out of the copper business, I will trash this company as long as I breath... My experience with verizon has been enlightning.. Once I get on my amateur radio and trash this company worldwide and explain in detail what they have put me through is something everyone should listen to.. I call it "Reverse Advertizing"..! I have closed all accounts with VZ, Home and wireless.. Now onto my venture.. Rant..? Yes this is a rant.. But I will continue forever.. My advice is Sell and watch it drop.. I own none, and won't... Just a heads up.. "My lifelong Committment"

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    • rswestbound66 Dec 4, 2012 3:58 PM Flag

      Sorry, but you're quit mistaken and obviously know little about Telecom. If you want to stay equal to or ahead of technology, then deployment of fiber optic cable is necessary. Unlike AT&T that only takes fiber to the node and copper the last mile, VZ does fiber end to end providing the best posssible service available in the USA, hands down. Their Cellular network is 2nd to none and ranks #1 along with FiOS. Yes, you may pay a bit more for the VZ service, but it is the best you can get coast to coast for voice, data, TV and business services... The stock will continue to go up dispite your conquest to nowhere. Maybe your time should be spent on more productive things like feeding the poor or homeless or the Gospel. God Bless !

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    • Get an #$%$ life! You are coming across as some obsessed crazy man. Your legitimacy is non-existent. It's telecom you crazy fool, not life and death! You can post until the cows come home, trust me most of the other readers have since just turned you OFF!

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    • don't you have mental healthcare obamacare you need it

    • rswestbound66 Dec 11, 2012 4:32 PM Flag

      So far genius you have 16 thumbs down and zero thumbs up... Kind of tells you something right? The good thing there is a little "Ignore User " on the bottom right side that I am now going to click on... Chow

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    • Called Verizon about a bundle package that was offered, I was told I would get up to 4 Direct TV boxes at no extra charge. After purchase, I was billed for direct TV box rent for 3 TV boxes (at $5.00 per box) that I was promised for free.

      After the telephone service started I had to numerous calls (An hour and longer) to get service that I was promised. Long distance was not active, caller ID was not working and after I was told they were going to be fixed they were not. More numerous phone calls an hour each phone call with no resolution for at best six months of new service.

      Never being late on a bill and a two year contract, I had various issues with service, noise on the line, no phone service. After my two year, never late on a bill, my service went out and my wife tried to call and was basically hung up on three times.

      I called and was disconnected two times. After deciding to change service, right after paying my monthly bill of $156.00 plus, I am expecting a rebate for non-service.

      Direct TV sent me a rebate in the amount of $62.12 and a week later sent me charges for over $74.00 saying they did not get payment from Verizon.

      I again called Verizon and enquired about a repay for non-service. I was told that I would get $24.99 in repay. (I got a -$29.00 letter/bill from Verizon)

      When disconnecting a phone from Verizon, you don't have DSL internet. I was told if I disconnected the phone I would not have internet and I said, I know, "I want to disconnect internet also". (Well they didn’t)

      While waiting for a check owed to me I receive a bill for $24.99 for internet service. So, once again I called them, after the agent spoke to her supervisor he must have told her to give me credit for $24.99 and that this is the final bill and we are even.. I don't owe $24.99 and why did they not still have a balance of $5.00 or so if they were not trying to bust my butt.

      How a company that is taking advantage of customers across the country expects to be in business when acting like this


      Update: Recently disbanded from Verizon Wireless on November 28, my bill ends on the 20th of each month. I was told I would have to pay an entire month after porting out my #

      If anyone ever gets into a contract scenario with Verizon there crazy.

      I will soon be on local TV about this and I will now never ever be a Verizon customer. I will soon also disconnect my Verizon Wireless service as soon as I can.

    • not doing a very good job verizon up 1% , idiot

    • You have set high goals for your life.........good luck.

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    • At the mall with my lovely wife, while she shopped I thought I would continue my quest for the day to pound Verizon.. Standing outside the Verizon store I pursuaded 3 potential customers from buying from this awful company... Kudo's to me for a job well done..! It's going to be a Merry Christmas..

      Sentiment: Sell

    • I just joined the "Verizon Sucks" page on facebook... I kant beleive how many people are on it.. Wow.. I wonder why...?!? My friend list tops 1432 friends, I cannot believe how many people replied to my comments on my Verizon comment, man have I been busy..!

      Sentiment: Sell

    • They are overpriced along with AT&T that's for sure. We're right back to where we were with the original monopoly. And to think AT&T tried to buy T-Mobile. Sprint is almost history, so maybe Verizon should get Sprint and AT&T should get T-Mobile than Verizon can buy AT&T, and then we can just have Verizon. What are these people thinking?

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