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  • sonof9 sonof9 Dec 11, 2012 12:54 PM Flag

    VZ GOOG partnership?$

    VZ settle out with Vodafone and begin the logical idea with a real Tech Innovator Google, gigabit fibr ,useable wireless technology,intergration. This could work , VZ would go over 100 a share, just on a limited deal . Value and growth with dignity.. Lets do it.

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    • I'm sure a Google Verizon association of some sort was kicked around in the Google boardroom. A ready built fiber network is a bird in hand for Google. The only draw back is the labor force that goes with a purchase of a splt in two Verizon, Wireless and FIOS. Such a deal would be great for investors.. Institutional and Mutual Fund Holders would love it.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • i have to believe that Google's plan is to eventually partner with somebody ... i don't see how they
      hope to build their own network , unless they just go for markets not yet covered by FIOS or UVERSE ...

      it will take them 20 years just to build out the physical network ...

      at this time , it doesn't seem as though FIOS and UVERSE are " must haves" , if they were , then
      VZ would not have suspended FIOS build .... Goog has tons to offer in a partnership and seems to
      me it would make sense for VZ to consider such , but i really don't see Goog as being anything
      near being real competition ...

      content vs service ...

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