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  • ez2remember17 ez2remember17 Feb 1, 2013 10:07 AM Flag

    why is it when verizon comes to your house...

    I must say, as a retired AT&T tech, it is satisfying to know that Verizon has implemented the same time wasteing procedures. I always thought that if the upper management knew how much money could be saved by eliminating all of the redundant paperwork that we were required to fill out before, during, and after the repair a job, that took about an hour, then the management would stop it immeadiately. And sometimes I wondered if they didn't already know this and implemented the procedures to justify keeping the outside force as large as it was, because during disasters the B.S. was ossed out the window and we were allowed to do what we trained to do, isolate.. repair.. and satisfy customer needs. So I would say to the original poster,, don't blame the Verizon tech, or even his manager, contact the CEO if you want changes.

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    • I work for a large corporate elevator company, that will remain unnamed. We have phone processes and GPS tracking technology and paperwork.. blah blah blah. What is meant to extract more productivity just ends up causing us to waste time and money doing all of these things.

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