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  • kevincole623 Feb 14, 2013 8:32 PM Flag

    Still time to save what was once a great company.

    Verizons problems started when management lost job security years ago. Great field techs would no longer take the managers job and the company hired college kids and clerks to be field managers. Today many foreman in the field do not know the difference between a phone line and a cable tv line. Engineers do not show up for appointments at construction sites for fear of embarassing themselves. Business customers who used to love verizon are now given 7-10 day commitments for repair. Imagine a business with no credit card machine for a week. Upper management from 2nd level to vice president have no field experience. The latest brainchild from a former clerk is to put manhattan field techs in buses instead of trucks.A tech in a bus sometimes gets dropped at his first job at 1030 after waiting for other techs to get dropped off. Bus leaves tech and he has a no access. 1200pm before bus comes back and we have a 4 hour no access. A tech in truck was doing 4 to 5 jobs a day. Tech on bus does 2 or 3 tops. Does verizon think people will want fios after the way you treat them with copper. Just ask the people downtown who are still out of service. Ask the seniors who do not have cell phones and are out of service for weeks. There is still hope for this company if and when they put qualified management in place.

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    • The backbone of this company use 2 b the front line folks......senior management has tossed that totally out of the equation....the only thing left is crash and burn

    • Verizon gave up on the copper outside plant and central offices years ago.

    • kevincole623 Feb 15, 2013 7:47 PM Flag

      Engineers used to be former splicers with underground and block experience. Today when a contractor calls vz to move a cable the engineer usually does'nt show or is a week late. Contractor can't wait and cuts cable. Now we have a major cable failure. Frame service in the central offices are a joke. Technicians working nights and weekends have no frameperson to work with. Customers are in disbelief. Copper customers in lower manhattan are out of service for 3 months and being lied to that fiber is on the way. How about drying out the copper first. VZ has driven awy thousands of customers includinhg hospitals and the New York Stock exchange.Some people think that vzs plan is to alienate enough customers to switch and then in the future it will be easier to walk away because most of their customers will be gone anyway.Right now the government won't let them walk.

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    • All to TRUE. Now it appears the orporationhas decided to "contract"the engineering to an outside, third party vendor creatinga situation where ther will be no IN HOUSE ENGINEERs just contrators who can GO AS THEY PLEaSE......Andthereis nothing being done to address the :"Right of Way" one is left to secure thelegal proper rights from municiplities priate property owners nothing.......This company is quickly going to HELLIN A HAND BASKET......STRONG SELL

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