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  • scohen62 scohen62 Apr 26, 2013 2:36 PM Flag

    For you dreamers

    Monday will probably be a nightmare because there will be no Vodafone buyout for numerous reasons. A10% drop in VZ shares is probable given the current share valuation which is very inflated.

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    • Whu huppon? Wrong again. And the odds were soooo much in your favor.

    • The last thing Verizon needs is to pile on even more debt. I would rather see them by a portion of Verizon Wireless now, pay down the debt and buy the rest later.

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      • don't be so afraid of debt .. there is good debt ad bad debt and a whole spectrum in between ...
        why do you only see debt coming with a deal to gain 100% of VZW ...
        VZW is thowing off cash like crazy .....
        capex expenditures should be diminishing
        VZ won't have to pay out about 3 bil/yr to VOD in the form of preferred divs
        the cash flow from the deal , will make the debt service very easy
        AND ... AND ... AND ... AND ....
        now is the absolute best time in the past 100 yrs for companies to load up on debt .. it's dirt
        cheap ... 3 years down the road when rates are much higher (also cost of using a phone or
        any device) ... VZ will still be cheaply servicing it's debt
        with the stock price about doubled from when a VOD deal was 1st being banied about , the
        stock portion of the deal is super cheap ....

        exactly what do you see as downside for VZ in this deal, please use more than a "tweetable" post ... g

    • Of course if you keep saying same thing every day you're bound to be correct at some point.
      If this stock drops it's because profit taking is long past due. Vz has been on a long and strong positive run. The longest I can remember without a retreat. What makes this very positive is the advances have been very strong, and still no profit taking. In the past if vz went up a dollar it would take profit and drop. Great time to buy back in. Now people are still buying on on the rise. Very good sign.

    • OK. thanks. I'm glad that's settled beyond a reasonable doubt.

    • Unlikely - the earnings were good and the future is bright

      If there IS no buyout or re-negotiation, there may be some capitulation, but no more than 1 or 2 pct points at the very most.

      So which Clown College did you graduate from?????????

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