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  • eddysclassics eddysclassics Jul 30, 2013 2:47 PM Flag


    Type messageI told my Fidelity 401k rep yesterday that Verizon would plunge today; but, I couldn't get the closing of yesterdays 7-29, prices when I wanted to sell a lot of shares for emergencies. I was told that I could get 7-29 closing price, but then he said I could not. I am going to take my 401k out of Fidelity - All of it. This is annoying .... this is. Woman I spoke to today, 7-30, said that they could not take back or cancel the trade.

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    • What ever you think you know about your 401K, the 401K has hidden gems that unless you dig deep and find these out, you will be stuck in the situation you are now.

    • First let me say I hope you're 59 1/2 or would have retired from whatever company Fidelity was managing your account for after you were 55 or you have a qualifying plan to roll your 401k assets to avoid a 10% penalty plus income tax. If you want to trade real time you need an IRA or a brokerage account not a 401K.

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    • Why sell it? Sure it tanked today but a stock in a 401 is long term investment, not a day trade. It will rebound and continue to grow. Minor blip today, it's been a great stock this year. Good luck,,,,,,,,

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      • Thank you Hedied4uric and others whom are in the same like mind. I needed to take emergency money from the VZ fund in order to pay for home repairs. My job status is in limbo, due to the unity of my CWA union in Brooklyn, NY. I also do qualify for retirement which I have not taken, believing there is hope of getting back. I am working with a general contractor and one must be weary of them: because that can do anything, they will do everything. They will build your house again unless you stop them. Specify the work that you want and need, nothing more. They try to play house doctor and diagnose ones whole house. They want a Rembrant, but with whos money? Think about it. They will do the work and are very industrious, but at what price? The functions of a 401k I do understand.

    • To: Albacornus. You would if you had a 401k retirement account and were in Fidelity, and told after, I has requested a trade yesterday that you couldn't get 7-29 closing price for VZ. (The VZ stock is in a 401k plan fund which is akin to a mutual fund. This is not real time) The VZ stock tanked so far today and will probably get todays closing price. I could not stop nor cancel this.

    • Interesting, I never had a problem, but I don't talk to the reps, just trade with computer

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