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  • raritanrocks raritanrocks Sep 24, 2013 10:38 PM Flag

    Attention Verizon Investors.

    Attention Verizon Investors.

    New Jersey VZ management has made the decision to move medically restricted duty techs to a more expensive shift. Paying technicians a 10% shift differential plus a paid lunch. For work they are not trained to do, or for Computer based training. This probably amounts to tens of thousands of dollars in labor for workers unable to perform their full duties. Depending on how many workplaces have been placed under this policy and for how long they continue, It could run in to hundreds of thousands.

    In the last contract signed by IBEW and CWA concessions that included a 150 day limit on restricted duty were agreed upon. But the pressure of forcing a hurt person to work every Saturday night is worth the extra labor costs I guess. Nice Move VZ, stay Classy.

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    • You know, if they don't like it, they can always leave Verizon. It is a free country, you know. Nobody's forcing them to work there under those conditions. I'm sure there'll be others that would gladly take their job if they're not happy.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Don't you have a C.B.A.-file a grievance. That is your right to grieve any violations of the contract. It is also
      protected activity via the N.L.R.B.

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      • We are. But VZ has rendered our grievance procedure ineffective. If you have ever been at a negotiating table you understand two parties must be involved. VZ has racked up hundreds of Unfair Labor Practices for failure to meet, failure to provide info, intimidation of shop stewards, interfering in union business. Many are still in the process. Verizon has a very well known reputation at the NLRB. I could write a book about the money they waste on legal expenses and other nonsense. I know what people say about unions, we are greedy, drive up labor costs, blah blah blah.

        Unions provide a services to companies by taking on HR duties, training, , and morale/ welfare programs, and a cut rate price because shop stewards and many other positions work as volunteers and part time Dues paid staff. But we cannot provide these services with a hostile employer who dumps millions, yes millions into ending the voice of working people among their workforce.

        Go ahead tell me I am a socialist, lazy, greedy, whatever. This company treats its Union employees like dirt, and they should be ashamed of themselves, but they aren't.

    • One of the stupidest posts ever seen on this board.

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      • Investors should be made aware of the expenses VZ has taken on for Idiotic business decisions, Dumping money into ideological concerns in politics, and Union busting. If you don't care fine, but my 401k is heavy with VZ stock, and I am constantly seeing them waste money on the Ego of our managers, directors, and executives. 10% more for labor that isn't productive? That should tell you a lot about how this company is run. Those people on this thread wary of an artificially inflated stock price? Share their tea leaves.

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