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  • is1531 is1531 Nov 1, 2013 10:29 AM Flag


    If you want the stock to land over $100,you have to stop taking your profits on a daily basis. You have to invest your money long term to be a big winner. The same game happens every time when VZ has a nice gain. up 95c VZ vultures entered the room and took profits. You guys are like Race track bafoons that must your wallets in minutes and only minutes. Now you know why the stock has been a colossal bore since the split in 1998. Wake up!

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    • uh huh. Nice point is1531... Coming from someone that has invested for many years VZ:)

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Seniority in a position is not going to guarantee that your position will be profitable, there is no written guarantee nor anything implied that you will make any profit by owning any position. Sounds like you have spent some time with Verizon and knows how it trades, so you should know how to trade with the vultures instead against them. Dont understand what you have to complain about unless you are adverse to hitting either the buy or sell button. Me, I dont care, it could be $2K, $200K, or $2M, its just a number and I learned along time ago, dont be afraid of big numbers. This is my money that I am responsible for, I am solely responsible for making it grow or losing value, if I make a mistake, I am not pointing fingers. Frankly, I like my money making money, and then having that money in profit making other money. Such is a viscious circle, money begatting other money, and that money begatting other money, its almost biblical. Now I can say that my money has made it to the land of giant money, someday it will, but in the mean time, I am responsible for making my money grow.

    • To: Is1531. This daily profit taking is a different style of money management which is done every day by the professional in the market place, on the computer or on the floor. Your entitled statement is erroneous and God bless them for their taking of profits: The second wisest statement in trading is: "No one ever went broke taking a profit."

      Do you not remember the 2000 and 2008 crashes and other declines on other occasions? Yes, the stock regained; but, you will not know until this does. The markets are for risk management also and what one doesn't know will ruin one.

      Some people fail at day trading, because, the DID NOT day trade - They held risky positions overnight and then using their own emotions to dig their own grave deeper.

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