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  • phillips31771 phillips31771 Nov 9, 2012 8:49 AM Flag

    Thanks Obama Voters!

    Man what a sell-off on all the drillers. WHen will the bleeding stop? If the middle east blows-up that might help but who wants another war?

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    • You can also thank the tea party for their inability to negotiate a deal the summer of 2011. Had they been willing to take the wonderful deal on their end that Obama proposed (3-1 spending cuts to tax increases) this would have been settled long ago and we wouldn't be facing this "fiscal cliff" issue now.

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      • so your AGAINST middle America keeping more of their own money for their retirement and to raise their children etc

        Another Obama hatemonger

      • Obama proposed????? This man couldn't propose his way out of paper bag. His Demofag buddys proposed it not him. Obama has zero business experience. I've always said you could throw small business P&L in front of the man and he couldn;t break it down and explain it. This man has no idea about the stock market other then what his liberal buddys tell him. Obama Proposal--what a joke!

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      • Da,dit,da,dit,da,dit,dat...

        News flash for yuh, creep:

        The tea party has no official standing to negotiate with anybody.
        Least of all with the current hard left neocommie administration whose idea of "negotiating" is unconditional surrender and a mandatory stretch of sensitivity training after passing a test of proficiency and understanding of the elements and teachings found in the writings of marx engles lenin the american media mainstream and jerry springer (as proof you're dumb enough to swallow all the hogwash, which you obviously are).

        Now please go away for good.
        I had way more than I could stand from you at RIG, you meddling pinko old maid librarian lefty snoop.

    • parasites deadbeats and free lunch bloodsuckers is more like it.

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      • Blade old chap are you back in the drillers? long time since you put pen to paper not much excitement here nowadays compared with the earlier years rig blowing away 140's etc

        Other than SDRL I pretty well dropped most of my stocks and stashed pm.s for the last four years or so probably a good thing since the Kenyan moslem took over,
        I am amazed at the folks that voted him back in but faced with the devil and deep blue sea I guess the sheeples choice didn,t matter a rats #$%$ anyway, we are starving and all thats on the table is a m#$%$ive #$%$ sandwich

        Of course the more bread you have the less #$%$ you have to eat,

        I think we should have Queenie take the place back before these idiots completely #$%$ it up!

        Oh well off to the golf course toodle pip!!

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