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  • depakchopra depakchopra Dec 21, 2012 12:41 AM Flag



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    • hey, you should be able to figure that out because afterall, you are Deepak Chopra!!! You fuggin idiot stealer of people's names!!!

    • Our leaders are not looking for a compromise solution, which should be easy even if it only relieves the symptoms for a while. The ideology on each side is so divided (Capitolism vs. social engineering) that negotiating with the devil won't cut it. It is freedom vs. social security for the frightened masses. The question is, who will stand up and be counted for freedom? The democrates are standing up to taxing opportunity out of existance. Someones got to pay the bills
      before they go to collection. Fifty percent of the country lives off the rest of us to get by, and who
      gets the over due bill created by the over spenders? If a guy were to work hard and handle his money wisely, that guy might be able to invest for the future, and build up a surplus. This is something our leaders have not done, so who's the guy to pay the price for the greedy nature of those in power? YOU ARE THE GUY!!!

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      • mychkael Dec 27, 2012 12:27 PM Flag

        Obama is a background or experience with anything to do with economics or business and people expect him to lead us out of the worse mess we've been in since depression. Instead of trying to create jobs he spent 4 years pushing Obamacare up our a z z e z and creating a bigger mess.

        Every tax dollar taken out of the private sector and put into the hands of the inefficiency of the government is another nail in our coffin. Nothing to debate here at all....these are just the facts.

        Anyone putting thumbs down to this message are the ones who don't get it....cluless like Obama ....will wreck the country out of their own greed and ignorance. Pretty sad state of affairs with Obama at the helm. He is not a leader he is a blamer....loves pointing his finger at everyone else as the problem.

        God help us.....

    • Republicans can't even get thier own bill passed! And it kept the Bush Tax Cuts in place for 99.8% of the population. This is going to get get ugly! Futures are down 200 points!

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      • If 99.8% of the population in fact actually did pay taxes maybe there'd be less to argue about... that is if the current neomarxist administration could get a reign on some of its out of control spending.

        But, thing of it is, we have nearly half the population paying zero, or less than zero federal income tax while (with the encouragement of the class warfare left wing hypocrites who are supposedly their advocates) complaining that the other half who actually do pay them aren't paying *their* fair share.

        Which is a pretty topsy turvy way of gaging fairness, you ask me.

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