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  • nostrascottus nostrascottus Dec 23, 2012 2:08 PM Flag

    rooting for the "fiscal cliff"

    I don't know how "household" is defined, but Fox news says every household basically owes $140,000 to pay off the national debt. Problem as I see it, American's want too many freebies. 2-years worth of unemployment, give me a break! Solar panels for your house, why the "F" do I have to pay more in taxes and utilities for your panels? Tax deductions, why do I have to subsidize your donation to a church or PETA? South Korea, we have 38,000 troops in Korea to protect from north Korea, why do I have to pay for Korea's national defense? Europe, how many troops do we have over there? Why are we sending billions to Egypt, Mexico, etc. etc. etc.? Subsidies to purchase foreign made cars like the plug in Prius???

    Fiscal cliff, yeah baby. Cut some spending. Increased taxes will hurt me and my family, hell, I may even loose my job. Short term pain will only help us in the long run.

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    • Talk about waste, , do Google check on Texas rice crop, and how Uncle Sam pays landowners not to plant rice.Same with other crops. While you're at it check out Dept. of Energy,(DOE) and its dismal failure in reducing dependency on foreign oil! They employ about 26,000 to that end.

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      • Out by me here in SoCal, we have "old money" families getting subsidies for bee and honey production. One Redlands guy is getting $400K a year "not" to produce honey. Historically, his family ran beehives in the Citrus groves, but 90% of the groves have been developed for residential and commercial real estate, hence no more orange blossoms for his bees to forage. Tragic I know, but he and his family owned the groves and have made Millions selling their groves to developers. I wonder how much and to whose campaign he made contributions?

        I only wish this fiscal cliff thingy could help end this form of corrupt crony welfare.

    • money should be cut from defense budget and spent on infrastructure here. Gov't buildings and
      schools to start should all be equiped with solar. Put panels on closed landfills. Keep money
      here and less for imported oil. Reduce fossil fuels. Get military type guns off the street.

    • I'm thinking the market takes a big hit when the govt credit rating takes a hit.
      Otherwise I'm glad to see us go over, if that's what it takes to get a serious cut in defense spending.
      I wonder when the absolute deadline of non reversible damage is done.
      From what I'm reading it doesn't seem to be Jan 1

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      • Ironic you should say defense first, since *defense* is one of the very few areas this meddlesome overbearing bloated ever expanding wasteful profligate spending out of control unaccountable out of touch wildly corrupt ponzi peddling bungling nearly everything it touches turns to krap (yayhoo won't let me spell it properly) neosocialist big nanny leviathan we no longer have any hope of being able to afford anymore, actually has any constitutional legitimacy of being involved in, in the first place.

        Governments, particularly this one after 70 plus years of leftist expansion and encroachment upon our institutions and the now apparent takeover of our political system, particularly when they get this large, are inherently wasteful. It's like the two things are synonymous. But so long as it's gonna waste anyway, I'd sooner have it wasted on defense than on some costly down a rat hole doomed to fail entitlement program, impossible to get rid of once it's been established, that accomplishes nothing but to promote problems of sloth, a class warfare attitude that the ever dissatisfied and ungrateful takers of society have a natural right to what's produced by those ambitious enough work for it. Folks who built this country, but who the last election proves have been virtually disfranchised and indentured by an ungrateful ever demanding parasitical class of social deadbeats and usurped by the greedy self interest of power grabbing leftist politicians who buy their votes by picking our pockets while insinuating an unpatriotic reluctance to being robbed by characterizing it as an unwillingness to pay our fair share as they do it.

      • time for the new American Revolution and get some real
        good people in office, all in favor say AYE!!!!

    • It's the medicine this country needs, but it's like taking the whole bottle all at once. Get ready for a moribund century.

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