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  • depakchopra depakchopra Dec 31, 2012 8:32 PM Flag

    Irrational Exuberance


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    • "The Sheep are being led to the slaughter". So, the market rallied today because "The Fiscal Cliff" may be averted. The President spoke at 1:45pm today, saying the Senate was close to a bipartisan resolution in reguards to the fiscal cliff and that 98% of us will be protected from tax increases (all though that is only partially true). Shortly there after, the market exploded to the upside. The Democratically controlled Senate, consequently shows the US voters, that they are capable of compromising with Republicans in the Senate (McConnel and alike). Conversely, this move also demonstrates the lack of compromise within The House of Representatives, as Boehener was incapable of promoting his Republican crafted bill called Plan B. If you are unaware, this is Politics as usual. The Senate crafted bill to protect 98% of us, is merely a bandaid, and does nothing to address the greater issues in goverment, being Goverment spending. Currently, the Senate, is trying to vote on this Bill tonight (New Years). It is coming down to the wire. But rest assured, the Senate will pass this bill tonight. Cause, like I said, this is Politics as usual. The Senate wants to pass this "Compromised" bill on to the House of Representatives. This, in turn, ties the hands, of the Republican controlled House of Representatives. They can either, (1) have Boehener, decide Not to put it to a vote, (2) vote and have it turned down, or (3) pass it. If Republicans decide not to vote on it or turn it down, they show Americans that they are not here to protect 98% of us. If they pass it, Republicans just voted for a Tax increases. This in turn, means they have gone against their constituants. Which means, their jobs are in jeopardy, and there is now a chance a Democrate will take that job. In essence, The House of Representatives has no choice but to vote in favor for the Senates Bill (as they don't want to be veiwed as standing in the way of protecting 98% of us). Consequently, The House of Representatives will pass this bandaid Bill. The markets will then rally on Wednesday, as we have averted "The Fiscal Cliff". This rally should then be sold. The Debt ceiling, will then take the forefront. And if you think, the Fiscal Cliff, was a fiasco, wait to you see the Debt Ceiling Debate. The Fiscall Cliff will look like a fart in the wind. The market, is going down. Which means, SDRL will go down with it. When we have endured enough pain, then and only then, will SDRL be removed from my "HOLD" list, as this goverment debacle has been part of my fundamental reasoning in the first place (amongst many other arguments, like declining revenues). This is "Checkmate" in the game of Politics. Republicans loose eitheir way. Don't hate me, as I am an Independent, I have only tried to be a good Shepard. Peace and Good Will.

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      • Either way this "fiscal cliff" is a phony media issue. The real issue is we are spending far mroe than we take in. It would be better to go over the cliff and actually get some spending reduction. That said, the market knows this is fake, that long term our govt spending sucks, but that short term not much is changing

      • It's now 2:04 am (EST) in the morning and the Senate is coming out of the "Fiscal Cliff" vote. The Senate has approved the vote (more or less). The bill will now be passed to the House of Representatives. Do you not see where I am going or what I am advocating? Will The House of Representatives stand in the way of 98% of us? Doubtful. The House will pass this bill tommorrow (today), as I have said, for obvious Political repercusions. The rest, will play out as I have said. I am trying to be a good Sheperad.

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