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  • knhup4321 knhup4321 Nov 29, 2013 2:19 PM Flag

    Obamacare: Clobbering Middle Class People Like ME


    When I got my dear-john letter informing me that my health insurance had been dropped, they gave me an alternative:

    An Obamacare "bronze" policy for $569 per month.

    So, I dug back through my records to see what I was paying a few years ago before the first of the Obamacare provisions started taking effect. I was paying $196 for a similar policy, except that my deductables and annual out of pocket was less.

    All things considered, Mr. Obama had effectively TRIPPLED my health insurance premium.

    So, I called my brother in law to see what HE was doing. He had quit his job last year and, even though he has substantial investments that are not "tax deferred", he had been applying for government benefits that were means tested for "income", like Obamacare is.

    What really floored me was that he was getting a superior Obamacare "gold" policy for only 1/8 what I would have to pay for my Obamacare "bronze" policy.

    Is that FAIR???? Do we all have to quit our jobs to be treated decently by Barack Obama?

    Why do hard-working, middle class americans have to get CLOBBERED by this Affordable (sic) Care Act?

    Just SHOW me a politician that supports this horrible law, and I'll show you a politician that will get my vote over my DEAD BODY!

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