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  • samsonp65 samsonp65 Jul 24, 2008 12:05 PM Flag

    Schwab Bank Mortgages???

    Schwab Bank last reported 800K in defaulted loans, quite an impressive figure unless you're stretching terms on the delinquent borrowers to avoid provisioning for the losses. Now Chuck Schwab resigns again stepping out of the limelight. What are Schwab shareholders going to get dumped with? The ugly truth about Schwab entering the mortgage business close to the top of the Real Estate frenzy. Bunch of pathetic rookies, chasing the top of a bubble. Don't get caught holding Schwab shares when it hits the fan.

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    • Go buy some gold bricks, stuff them in your backpack and jump off a deep pier Sal.

      Loyal customer=ROTFLMAO

      Go back and re-read your bashers handbook.

      You are an expert at lesson #'s 1 through 5 but you aren't following a few of the rules.

      Rule #1- well you've been outed.
      Rule #2- Sorry you are supposed to use 10% fact. You lose none.
      Rule #3. Your lie about being a loyal customer was outed early.
      Rule #4 Well, you are so stupid you are funny.
      Rule #5. See Salmonila
      Rule #6 See Salmonila
      Rule #7 ROTFLMA-Loyal Schwab customer
      Rule #8 Everyone is your enemy
      Rule #9 You never give up-because you are obsessed with Schwab
      Rule #10- Nah-You are pretty close minded
      Rule #11- Your statements are weak
      Rule #12 You lose
      Rule #13 You Lose
      Rule #14 Nah-you are a loyal Schwab cistomer-ROTFLMAO
      Rule #15- Time for you to back off.
      Rule #16- You are hopeless
      Rule #17 You can't dispute the truth
      Rule #18 You lack any brain power to be able to think.
      Rule #19 YOU LIE
      Rule #20 No one will ever take your word for anything
      Rule #21 Yea- Sure Schwab lied about their mortgage deliquenices-ROTFLMAO
      Rule #22- Schwab always reports good news-you lose
      Rule #23 -No- you just blame yourself for not posting another 10 messages a day.
      Rule #24- No one cares what you say
      Rule #25 You can't
      Rule #26 You've been outed
      Rule #27 You try-but the stock and company dispute you by themselves
      Rule #28 Yup-you've done it but not successfully
      Rule #29 You lost the game, the battle and the war.

      You are a Grade F basher in terms of effectiveness but a Grade A basher in terms of time applied to bashing Schwab, over 80 hours a week.

    • You're delusional, fixated on someone named Sal. I got some news for you, there's a big world out there most of whom have access to Yahoo message boards. Now take your Thorazine and be a good boy.

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