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  • roderickb99 roderickb99 Sep 30, 2009 11:19 AM Flag

    schwab etfs

    They are 5 years too late. I have a friend at Charles
    Schwab Investment Management. They can make money but
    what is left for them to launch that is new.

    Plus their wipe out and 1000+ lawsuits on High Yield
    fund sort of hurts their fixed income ETFS. Even if they
    fired Big Kim.

    They have A to F SER mutual funds that have not really
    done that well if you track them versus correct benchmark.
    I am a Wharton Quant and had hoped for better returns.

    So SCHW is DOA

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    • wharton quant huh? Tell us another one that is more believable. You clearly don't have a ubderstanding of large company revenue streams.

    • I agree that SCHW is 5 years to late in the ETF arena. I think the only reason they are entering now is that they are scared of losing assets from their open end Mutual Fund Onesource program, and SCHW is all about asset retention. The downside is that ETF's are a very low margin business compared to open end funds. Plus SCHW will never spend the money that is required to market the ETF's and/or attrract the talent to run them.
      In summary, I really think this is a non-event for the stock price.

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      • Wow, are you ever wrong. Schwab entering the etf marketplace now means they are doing it right. You could have said they were 5 years too late in getting their bank open but look now, they have a profitable bank that doesnt have any toxic asset exposure. They were late, but they did it right. The ETF market really is still in its infancy, and now Schwab can see what works and what doesnt work for other companies. The ETF marketplace for Schwab is a great diversification opportunity.

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