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  • discotito discotito Apr 9, 2010 12:48 AM Flag

    All you Cumulus shareholders be careful

    Radio advertising has been down for the last 2 years big time as internet advertising continues to grow.

    Internet advertising has broken it's own record, with $6.3 billion in revenues reported for Q4 2009, up 2.6% from the same period in 2008 says the INTERACTIVE ADVERTISING BUREAU. While the overall spend for 2009 actually declined 3.4% overall, the year ended with a bang, said the IAB.

    MINONLINE.COM reports "the spending in fiscal year 2009 was led by search advertising, ($10.6 billion), which accounted for 47% of all online spend and up from a 45% share the previous year. But display ads ($7.9 million) grew its share of the ad spend from 33% in 2008 to 35% in 2009. Much of that increase was coming from banner and video ads."

    More and more people are tuning away from radio as you can get all the music, news, & weather anytime you want it online. Look around you... how many people have a radio they listen too. More than likely, the people you see are listening to their iPod's.

    Lew Dickey made a statement that Cumulus would get to $18 a share... and this was back when it was trading at $12 a share. That never happened actually fell farther down that same year. I seriously doubt this stock will rise above $5 a share and could see it fall back to under $2.

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    • discotito = Jerry Del Colliano ( a man known to have special interests in online media )
      If you believe radio is dead, I beg you to ask the CEO of Zales Jewelry.
      Zales spent the bulk of their ad money on online advertising this past Christmas, while their competitors used radio and TV. Guess who's marketshare grew over the holiday season? It was NOT Zales. Their competitors were up double digits while Zales was down double digits. Companies will soon realize that online advertising does not give the same returns traditional media offers. I'm long on radio and TV.

    • Yesterday my wife was showing me a list of things that the Wellness Council of America recommends as an emergency kit for families. In addition to water, canned food, first aid kit, and flashlight, etc., a battery-powered radio is also on the list. I wonder why they don't ask you to include a ipod...

      • 1 Reply to heth247
      • Interesting that you think a radio is important in an emergency. Alot of radio stations nowadays are voice tracked and that voice you hear on the other end probably isn't even in your same city. And most of those very same radio stations might only have 1 live body in it all weekend long and thats for 4 hours. So if your looking for a radio station to give you information during an emergency... you'll be disappointed. They gotta keep playing the hits!!!

    • hey dude, what planet are you from? Do you drive a car? Probably not, otherwise you will be listening to radio.

      If you were talking about newspaper, i might agree with you, but radio is dying? no way...well, unless one day your state law allows you to surf the internet while driving, but you probably will die first than radio...

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