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  • free.image free.image Apr 15, 2010 10:36 PM Flag

    Google Me Giddy

    "Investors also might have been unnerved to see a decline from the previous quarter in the prices paid for Google's ads. The average first-quarter price fell 4 percent from the fourth quarter."

    You fluffy maniacs are due for one hell of a haircut.

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    • What the hell does your report on Google have to do with CMLS? You're out in left field!! There's plenty of room for multiple media sectors to make money. Radio is something people LISTEN TO. Google is something they LOOK AT ON A SCREEN. DUH!!

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      • Dude, careful now, 5 consecutive posts almost count as an irrational rant! Thank goodness it was not 6. No surprise the stock has doubled overnight with all this pumping.

        The bottom line is you actually believe those hypesters from Inside Radio and I do not. If they put some real numbers on the table I will change my mind.

        The last "highly contested election" did almost nothing for them and to answer your question why CMLS, my broker cannot find a share left to short on the others.

      • Hey longtime; you've been calling them right.

        Are you upping your 6-12 month share prices for CMLS, EMMS or ROIAK based on the last two weeks? What are their chances of doubling?

    • Why CMLS is the question? Why didn't you short ETM, ROIAK, or SALM instead of (or in combination with) CMLS? Are these stocks not selling for HIGHER multiples of future earnings and cash flow than CMLS? Are they not up more, on a percentage basis, off their lows of a year ago? Have you REALLY done your homework here, or did you just "grab a stock" from the new highs list to short?

      The best "short" in this space is SALM, in my book. (I was actually short the stock, as a "hedge" of sorts, until a couple weeks ago, when it dropped to $3.50, at which time I covered.) But even that one is going to be higher, a year or two from now.

      Face it: This is a "seat of the pants" short for you.

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