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  • pagemore pagemore Jun 4, 1998 5:33 AM Flag

    NASDAQ ??

    How did this end up on the NASDAQ? I thought the split would be good for the stock price. Instead, the price goes down. Anybody know what's going on?

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    • I love working for LECO...
      I have made many
      lifelong friends and am paid better than ever..
      in fact
      my bonus was huge last year....

      Where else
      could I work and make this kind of money...

      is a great company with a vision...I love my
      the rewards that come with making great money...

    • I agree to a certain extent with rcrocus... There
      is a lot of labor unrest going on in the company. He
      is accurate as to the old-fashioned methods which
      the company uses.

      However, I would attribute
      the record profits to some severe cost cutting by
      management. Look at sales growth over the past 4 quarters.
      Then compare this to EPS growth. I think you will see
      that the EPS is growing faster than sales. I also
      think that a company cannot bank on cutting cost to
      assimilate growth.

      Rcrocus does highlight some facts
      that are overlooked in earnings reports.

    • This is the first rea;ly negative thing I have
      ever heard about the company. Would you care to
      elaborate on the problems you feel the company is having?
      Is there some way they might be verified through
      specific parts of the financial reports, articles,

      No offense, but there is no way of knowing if you
      really work for the company (although I suspect you do;
      this is not the kind of stock people try to
      manipulate). There is also the possiblility that you are just
      a disgruntled employee slinging mud (again, no


    • I too am an employee and am leary of the stock as
      an investment. This company has considerable labor
      trouble, in my opinion. Years ago, cooperation and TRUST
      between labor and management was very good. It was a
      close company from top to bottom. For those not
      familiar with the management system of this company
      "INCENTIVE MANAGMENT" by James Lincoln, read it. It is a
      fantastic book. The new, outside, so called professional
      managers now running this company focus solely on PE's,
      book value, etc... meanwhile the infrastructure of the
      company is crumbling. Capital equipment is outdated.
      Plant layout is outdated. Flow manufacturing is
      non-existant. Assembly lines are often down due to lack of
      parts and supplies. Promotion from within (which the
      company braggs about) does not exist unless you are a
      Vice Presidents son. Middle management, front line
      supervison, engineering, and production workers have no
      confidence in management and feel they "Have been played for
      a Sucker" a few times too often in recent years.
      See what James Lincoln says the fate of a company
      which relies on "Incentive Management" for
      profitability will be when these things happen. Oh, by the way,
      the stock is low because all the employees are
      dumping it. Lincoln Electric has many internal problems
      which the outside investor is not aware of. The string
      of record quarters is simply due to the booming US
      economy. With the fantastic labor force at Lincoln, Bozo
      the Clown could manage the company and set records.
      If the company ever promotes some good managers from
      within who know how to utilize James Lincoln's program,
      look-out, this would be a wonderful company to invest in
      and to work for.

    • worth mag today very nice rite up all positive long term buy for us tight hannded midwesterners

    • wonderful company, but for years run as a family
      owned and managed by "extended family" (including
      long-time employees)

      In the past 2-3 years have
      brought in professional management while at the same time
      retaining the best of the old Lincoln culture. The new
      management all have stock options and other incentives to
      make this company really perform in the long term, and
      you can bet they're going to do it!

    • Between the buyback and the downgrade by Merrill, not much movement in price. Company is looking for ways to get stock price up. Watch for future acquisitions!

    • Company is buying back up to 10% of its stock......

      Shows mgmt believes in the future.......and it should help
      earnings grow.....

    • I doubt that it warrants such a dramatic decline
      in the stock

      Company is solid
      and can weather any temp slowdown.

      should use some of its cash to buy back stock or
      a higher dividend.....

    • 25% of Domestic manufacturing is for export.

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