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  • iconhater iconhater Jul 16, 1999 6:34 PM Flag

    IVIL Content

    7/28 according to Discover Brokerage's research section on IVIL. Revenue and page views will be very important at this point.

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    • As a career woman invested in OMDA, I believe
      that the percentage of return on investment will far
      exceed IVIL in the long run. I have closely followed the
      evolution of the web site and often compare it to IVIL - I
      am convinced that is the
      better of the two. Frequent updates to the articles and
      offerings is, in my opinion, their key to eventual success.
      Once their advertising campaigns hit the airlines in
      August, women of all walks of life will become aware of
      this great source of information ranging from
      investments to preganancy. should be very popular
      with the x-generation, in my opinion, which is
      important because they will be the primary e-commerce users
      of the future. I feel the current CEO has a greater
      understanding of those issues most important to all women and
      certainly demonstrates her dedication to constantly
      improving the site.

      These are just my thoughts. Once
      OMDA trades from a major board,(an avenue currently
      being pursued by the CEO) the price should increase 2
      to 3 times shorthly thereafter.

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      • I have been with this play when name was MAKO. I
        made money with it at times, and do feel that it will
        bring large profits. In October they are having a
        meeting in CA and alot of big time women will be on the
        venue including Ivana Trump. I don't nderstand why the
        stock is trading so low now. I paid as much as 2.25 per
        share and made money but now I have 10K shares at 1.25
        and I would have bet the farm it would not have went
        lower. Only reason is presently it just is not making
        money. It appears that when they aquired the mortgage
        company in June it turned south and has yet to recover.
        Only time will tell. This is the first board I have
        seen talking about OMDA glad to see others are
        Long on this one.

      • I completely agree with your assesment of OMDA.
        In many ways, OMDA and IVIL provide similar
        offerings. However, I prefer the a woman CEO when it
        concerns women's issues. Call me a sexist. I'm a middle
        aged man, and I've yet to understand what it is that
        women really want (other than concern for their
        children, and money). Men are from mars, women?

        only disagree with your projection of return. Once on
        a larger board, this stock should increase 5-10
        fold. There are many other rods in the fire for this
        company, and earnings should follow exponentially.