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  • berockedagain berockedagain Jun 13, 2000 11:39 PM Flag

    Damn. Get back to $130.

    if you buy this long @ any level....August is
    coming again - and this one is gonna be very ugly

    Hey Secroot - did you post this?
    berockedagain (35/M/Englewood, CO)
    8/3/99 12:34 pm
    1127 of 7140
    You got it wrong pal - the only time
    shorts help you is when a squeeze is on. The only
    squeeze we see right now is a cash squeeze at IVIL. Trust
    me - the market sees right through this scam and the
    longer you hold - the longer we will make you pay to
    learn your lesson. Keep buying - I'm shorting more
    because all indications of a large August correction are
    a go. Pay me now or pay me later - longs are MINE!

    net set
    by: secroot
    1086 of 1126
    if your
    broker has trouble finding shares to borrow for your
    short sales, have him call my broker to borrow mine.
    the more shorts right now the better. dont wait to
    long too cover though, because i might want to sell
    them shortly at 70 or 80