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  • msdesouza msdesouza Jun 14, 2000 8:36 PM Flag

    down 3.8% on 200,000 shares

    man you shorts still think IVIL will continue to
    drop, as I said, the rally will squeeze your asses, the
    double dong between the four of you who try to push the
    stock down, but can only manage 200,000 volume and a
    drop of 3.8%, GET READY OF THE

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    • now get yer head out of yer (_|_) and go see a doctor!!!!

    • 6/6/00 - it was on 7/22/99....put message 1002
      into the little "Go To Message #" box and you will see
      what I mean - you seriously need help

      AMZN meets loss expectations...IVIL?
      berockedagain (35/M/Englewood, CO)
      7/22/99 3:16 pm
      1002 of 7134
      AMZN posts a loss of .56/share -
      in-line with expectations and the market rewarded them
      with a $17 price decline in its stock. I wonder how
      Wall Street will reward Ivillage when it comes in @ a
      loss of only $3 to $4 per share? Answer: Short
      pig NOW for a BIG TIME GAIN come earnings. You can
      thank me later.

    • your first post to this site was not on

      I went back and checked and you made it up, which
      is all you do make up shit and stuff rock up you
      ass, little ones as well as big ones, your first post
      was on 6/12/00

      Hey IVIL investors -help
      by:berockedagian (35/M) 6/12/00 2:56 p.m.
      Msg:7116 of

      I am in need of a couple of people to help me pull
      some rocks out of my ass

    • Glad to see you are concerned about my financial
      health - but I think you need to be more concerned with
      your own......stick this in your ass pal...

      Medouchebag - NICE CALL HERE......
      by: berockedagain
      (35/M) 6/6/00 1:03 pm
      Msg: 7058 of 7193
      Can you
      spell W-R-O-N-G A-G-A-I-N ???? LOL Nicel call you idiot
      - I have been short this piece of shit since early
      May and as my 13th time shorting it - I have spent
      well over $100,000 in Luxury items at the expense of
      longs since it was trading in the $120 range. Want to
      make a wager I win again - this time I shorted from
      $12 and I will stay short until it goes bankrupt -
      keep the money coming idiot!!! LOL @ the IVIL

      SHORTS welcome to the first day of
      by: msdesouza
      6/3/00 1:11 am
      Msg: 7017 of 7057



      What was the significance of June 6th . . . another
      losing day?

    • was at 7, if you would have shorted IVIL at 12 we
      would have heard your hot air weeks ago, you are
      probably the worst basher I have ever watched, your not
      very smart to be trying to short a stock that is at
      bottom, but no one cares about 100 shares at 7, that only
      700 dollars and 8% of 7 hundred dollars is 56 dollars
      after commisions that a whooping 16 dollars TOTAL , you
      the man, you should join the circus, I would pay your
      boss more that 16 DOLLARS to see you knock the rocks
      in you ass together to the tune of TURN OUT THE

      Of course we listen to

    • Interesting to think of AOL as incubator. (It
      really is in many ways) I agree with your theory.

      AOL still links to Ivil - so why would they buy the
      cow while they are getting the milk free...?

    • ibaby will probably get sold over the weekend/ TOYS 'R US / a possibility.

    • on a stock that is only worth $6, that is still
      an 8% gain in one day...when's the last time you
      made 8% in any day off of IVIL you moron? I'm short
      1000 shares from $12 and if I cover today I still make
      $6K less taxes - sounds to me like you are down alot
      more than $6K - which explains where all your anger is
      coming from son.

    • sounds like a great deal to me! stock trading
      below book value in a segment currently 'out of favor'
      ... when have dykes ever been out of favor? idiot!
      invest now, be patient and you just might end up with
      two for the price of one...

    • burned so bad, that all he can hope for now is to
      short a stock that moves maybe 50 cents a day, If he
      had any ball or money he would try and short YAHOO,
      CSCO, HPW, EXDS but then he would be burned there also,
      the rally is coming, light volume is keeping us in
      the trading range but the fireworks do off June 27th,
      that will be the last time Swallowing_Sammy posts as a
      short,he will change his name to
      help_I_have_been_squeezed_and_i_can't_get_up, to bad should have listen to the numbers the
      facts, IVIL has 93 million in cash as of last quarter,
      is selling ibaby, for about 24 million in cash and
      is expected to make profit by either Q4/2000 or
      Q1/2001, not much more to say other than shorting a stock
      at its bottom is not optimizing the reason people
      invest--->TO MAKE MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!

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