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  • msdesouza msdesouza Jun 29, 2000 5:42 PM Flag


    Information that matters!!!

    IVIL Revenues
    IVIL's 1 year revenue growth is 302.18% higher than the industry average

    From CNNfn

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    • My guess is you are an Ivil employee with several
      thousand "under-water" shares - Probably in their PR
      department given the amount of "huckster" you deploy in your

      Can you at least give us your thoughts on why your
      employer thinks its good idea to be a

      Also, what happened in the UK??

      • 2 Replies to gargoyle422
      • they_callme_rubberneck they_callme_rubberneck Jun 30, 2000 12:19 PM Flag

        Gargoyle, good call. msdesousa sure is an IVIL
        employee, look at his post immediately after yours, he got
        all serious all of a sudden. "He trades to much" to
        have a job? I dont think so.

        HAHHAH your
        busted. He probably lives in the village.

      • I trade to much and if you have seen my comments
        towards those idiots that lie about IVIL just for thier
        profit, you would know that IVIL would not like that, but
        I believe IVIL has the womens market, they really
        have not done anything wrong to have thier stock so
        undervalued, they got caught up in the profit game which only
        was an issue when the market corrected, they have 93
        million in cash as of Q1 and with a burn through rate of
        10 million a quarter, that puts IVIL on the map to
        profitablity by Q4 or Q1 2001, however, analyst close to IVIL
        state that they have revised thier business model to
        become profitable, brand naming themselves is no longer
        as important, and that is where they spend all thier
        money in the past, IVIL is also the leader in europe,
        they have a new president, a male, the has a proven
        track record, he started up Lifetime, the womens
        network, so he not new to the important issue that concern
        women, another positive is that the market is turning
        up, the summer rally will begin after everone returns
        from vacation and the economy is showing real evidence
        of slowing, Greenspan has stop raising rates, and if
        the economy is really slowing then all indicators
        will point to it and he will not raise rates in
        August, setting up a monster of a rally to close of the
        year, also IVIL will play a key role in the election,
        one of the most popular canadates in the most media
        sick city's is running for the Senate, she was part of
        the vision of IVIL, she will use IVIL to leverage her
        issues, but probably the most important reason why IVIL
        will return to 20-35 range is because it has hit
        bottom at a time when the whole .com market hit bottom,
        those who short for a living which I do on selected
        stocks know that this stock is set to explode, to many
        positives, their are other stocks to short and IVIL is not
        one of them unless of course you have a fetish for
        small and large rock up you ass.

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