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  • IUFAN_42 IUFAN_42 Aug 12, 2000 7:40 PM Flag

    Longs? No way

    Oh about back in Jan I bought this piece of dog
    doo at about 23 hoping for a tech pop. Boy was I
    wrong at sold at about 17. Don't tell me there are
    still idiots out there thinking this stock will
    sometime outperform the market? Hell you would be lucky to
    get your 6.5 back. Don't be stubborn fool!!! Sell and
    put your money where at least you have some chance at
    a winner. I learned my lesson, hey it could have
    been a lot worse!!

    There are much better
    opportunities people, just think about it.

    Bobby Knight
    is the coach

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    • for 18 months straight.......Nice Chart



      Chapter 11.....

    • You are a real bad girl,small bitches like you
      shouldn't be investing some money.
      Regarding the shorts
      losses,there is no losses at all,IVIL is at his low,shorts can
      only be profitable and longs can only be losing some
      So please go to fuck off.....

    • so according to these idiots, those that are
      about to get lose their Yahoo membership in particular,
      if you follow thier reasoning or greed in shorting a
      stock then Yahoo is about to go under, because thier
      down 50% year to date, look at AOL, even that crappy
      company AMazon and dont forget Ebay down over 50% for the
      year, the truth is IVIL is one of the top 20 web sites,
      have tripled their revenue of the last quarter, and
      still are on a burn rate of under 10 million, you
      idiots think a one time lose on counts and
      that is where the confusion set in, the analyst can
      understand it but I guess you idiots cant, go wipe your

      What are the facts for IVIL?
      Number 1 womens web
      site, see Media Metrix latest pole

      into Europe, see Media Metrix data on women surfers in

      Advertisment money drying up? NOT see recent data collected by
      the experts on ad revenue for .coms, the good ones,
      I.e, Yahoo, AOL, IVIL

      Correction Election
      Correction Election - all internet stocks will come back
      soon and very fast

      New CEO, with experiance
      with a womens oriented TV channel,

      and finally and more importantly IVIL has CASH 73
      million worth, 10 million burn rate, have changed thier
      business model, which is apparent in thier 10Q statement
      that they have cut loses from previous quarter by 40%,
      loss .68 cents a share this quarter, If IVIL is in
      danger then I guess the data is wrong, women do not out
      number men on the web, nawww, Women are going to make
      IVIL profitable.

      Remember, the shorts will get
      burned, its just a matter of time, look to Yahoo to lead
      the entire group until Yahoo breaks 160 we all wait.

      • 2 Replies to short_basher
      • the ship!!! At least you have guts. No brains,
        but plenty of guts. Unfortunately, IVIL will continue
        to drop. You can babble on all you want about "burn
        rates" and the like, but that will not change the fact
        that IVIL was doomed from the start. Now, I know
        you're upset about getting suckered into this
        "investment", but you should look at this as a learning
        experience. Being a lemming is not good. Falling for the mob
        mentality will only leave you poor.

      • profitable".

        What a joke!

        They just
        kicked out Candice and brought in Doug. They are
        counting on this MAN to make IVIL profitable. Of course,
        unless the new CEO is a woman. Afterall, you never know
        what's going on in this world nowadays.

        bottomline is that you can't trust this management anymore!
        And trying to put IVIL in the same league of AOL and
        YHOO is like saying Candice is Jerry Yang and Steven

        Let's be honest, IVIL is in the league of Corel
        Corporation. And Candice is like that crazy Michael Cowpland.
        Shamelessly predicting bright futures, but they never keep
        their promises when earnings are announced. The funny
        thing is that idiots keep averaging down, eventually
        all the way to ZERO.