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  • need_us need_us Sep 18, 2000 10:39 AM Flag

    Buy all you can at this level

    I am planning to spend $100,000 of my loan
    buy IVIL at this level. This is one of
    the best
    stocks you'll ever find. Once
    the management team
    gets their acts together
    it will be smooth sailing
    folks. Buy low
    sell high. Can't get lower than this.

    All I want is 25% return within the next
    2 months.

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    • You're going to invest a LOAN on this stock? Please, tell me you were being sarcastic. This POS is headed for the mortuary. It's as good as dead, may it rest in peace.

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    • I hope you get what you want but remember the
      street can effect the price of a stock, even if the
      company is great. 100,000 is alot of money to invest in
      any stock do your homework call the comapany and find
      out whats going on, we haven't herd any news in a
      long time, is that a healthy sign or a sign of

      HOping for the best, also I would
      disrguard negative posts on IVIL, its probably due to short

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      • msdesouza you POS - you don't actually believe
        this company will you? What will you say
        when they go belly up "It's still a good company". You
        my friend are the dumbest "investor" I have ever run
        across in my entire life. Had you listened to the shorts
        from $100 all the way down, you never would have been
        in this position. You deserve what you are getting -
        and the worst part is, you have not learned one damn