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  • Walkie_Man Walkie_Man Nov 1, 2001 11:51 AM Flag

    Re: AMD Screws it Customers! What a POS

    okay, I'll obviously have to factor in IQ as I explain this time, since flaming is your only argument (no pun intended...hehehehe)

    the misinformation is trying to convince people that the thermal 'problem' is somehow common or a threat that most people need to worry about, exaggerating it into a threat to your personal and household security, and generally trying to convince people that this is something 10,000 times worse than it really is. Yes, Athlons burn up when you remove the heatsink, guess what, give the P4 some time and it will too, and the PIII, and the Celeron and every other chip since the need for active cooling solutions became necessary!!!

    lol.....stupid people bother me....

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    • Some of the INTEL processors have speed-step technology that throttles the speed down to avoid overheating. Some would see it as a fail safe mechanism built into INTEL's processors to avoid system meltdown and having to pay for a new processor and motherboard.

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      • If you mean the P4 throttle, tell me why it kicks in almost half the time any processor intensive tasks are performed, so it's the P4 1.8GHz (except when you need it to be). sure it surfs the web fine and lets you type email at 1.8GHz (whoopedee-doo), but turn on quake and its suddenly a 900MHz (which is slower than a similar PIII due to longer pipeline and less efficient cache.

        If you mean the PIII speed step, that was created to extend mobile battery life and is an on-or-off only type step (full speed or minimum speed, with an option for the computer to decide automatically which is appropriate).

        AMD's mobiles have this as well, but is more advanced in that it offers complete dynamic control, adjusting speed and voltage according to current need and system status (typing email, its slow, turn on quake it speeds up, assuming you have set up the machine to be dynamic, instead of always fast or always slow). The difference is it offers more than full or minimum. Perhaps AMD should have looked into putting that technology into their desktop units as well?

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