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  • opusgator opusgator Jul 11, 2003 10:10 PM Flag

    Bush official admits Bush a liar

    "Senior administration officials told CBS News Thursday that the president included the claims about Iraq buying uranium from Africa in his Jan. 28 speech despite initial objections from the CIA."

    Can you please identify these "senior officials"

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    • that the Anti American Leftists like amd cleankilled aka amddj and the other Hateful Angry Socialists LIED about Bush lying!! Gee what a surprise! NOTHING BUT ANTI AMERICAN PROPAGANDA!! Thanks CBS for your bullshit!! No wonder you are sinking in the ratings along with CNN and the Democrat party!


    • Read the story. It's a direct quote.

      You really think an official of the administration is going to allow his or her name to be published that basically says a smoking gun exists?

      You really think hat Tenet was not going to do mia culpas and same the CIA raised concerns but that moron insisted in keeping the ffalse Uranium purchase story in his speech?

      You think Tenet is another Chrisaty Whitman?

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