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    • "I've been working with and selling computers for the last 8 years. I've been around long enough and done well enough were I'll only be working a few years longer.


      Good Man!
      I thought you were just screwing around, I was. Allthough to be honest I never heard of 1 or 2 of them myself. Good luck I hope you do well!

    • So, once again I'll ask: From your personal experience:

      1. How is the opteron doing in sales?
      a.losing interest-it was all hype
      b.steady-not bad, product acceptance slightly positve
      c.very well-the customers love it.
      d.can't barely keep them in stock-the customers are lining up for it.

      2.Opteron Customer Feedback has been:
      a.not happy-I'd like to return it
      b.nuetral-50/50 split some like it- some don't
      c.satisfied-plan on getting another one
      d.extremely satisfied-gotta have another one right now!

    • "Cody
      With all due respect! You havent been around too long have you? "

      I've been working with and selling computers for the last 8 years. I've been around long enough and done well enough were I'll only be working a few years longer.


    • Really? Gotta link to that poll? I thought not. Look, the facts don't suport your statement. But I'll give you some hints about where to find some of the information, so you can be better informed. The fact that historically Intel's plants cost more than comparable plants can be found in Intel's own papers on 300MM plant simulations. The data on die yields can be found in coded form in a couple of reports available for purchase on line from Berkely. If you want to know a little about when APC was instituted at AMD and Intel, you can check the press releases for when they bought the software. AMD actually was using it for some time before the press release, since they helped develop it with the software company. That's all in the public realm. As for where Intel and AMD disclose yield information in non-public forums, there are some very small working groups where it's discussed, but they're very close lipped and tight knit.

    • "Nothing preventing AMD from selling processors except their own ineptitude of design, manufacturing, sales and marketing."

      So you take exception to that?

      LOL! Most of the world agrees with me.

    • Only because you haven't but won't admit it. If you had, you'd know your original post was wrong, as I pointed out.

    • just a thought......

      wouldn't it be great if AMD made an anouncement after the bell on Tuesday, that either Dell or Microsoft has backed AMD's new product releases......could happen, both said support could come in the second half......

      it would definitely steal Intel's thunder.....

    • Probably for the same reason AMD'ers FUD the Intel board. Fun!

      The problem is that us 'nellers have been right and the disciples of Hector and Jerry have been wrong.

    • "Just as I thought, all that stuff is straight from the Western Electric book circa 1956. Good to see you're current!"

      The Mohenjo Daro were using a the decimal numbering system 5,000 years ago. Good to see you are current.

    • "Investing is NEVER about history, it's always about the future."

      I have been betting on Intel and so far my bet has been right. Deal with it.

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