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  • amddj amddj Jul 26, 2003 11:32 PM Flag

    Can you imagine a debate between

    Arianna Huffington and Arnold Schwarzenegger if they both run for California Governor?

    It would sound like a debate straight out of Budapest!

    (Yeah, that will be a big hit with the Latino vote.......)

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    • Another brilliant post. You keep claiming the high road and are not on it. I never claimed the high road but have not gotten off of it. I know you for what you are and that is a complete hypocrite blinded by hatred. It is only name calling when the name does not fit your actions or words.

      We've been down this road before. I for one am tired of your hatred and bigotry as is much of this board. It sounds like you are still a miserable person and only getting worse with each post. I hope it all ends for you soon. Maybe you can get some of the meds from ACE. I think it is time for one more ignore. You can join cleankill

    • "hypocrite"

      Oh you're a saint when it comes to not calling people names, arent you?

      I noticed you too refused to address the points I made in the very post you replied to.

      Im beginning to think you're another amdsroadkill alias, but he's smarter so maybe not.

    • Hmm no more us vs them.

      "A perfect little conservative, thats what you've become."

      You are now the most perfect hypocrite. First you call names and then march in leftist lockstep and now complain about us vs them and use the same technique you rail about. I'm beginning to think you are no one and the same as Cleankill. Cleankill is more logical

    • This??? From you??? I can see you willnever learn. Here is the number one person who should never complain about name calling.

    • "why would I have to pay the dividend the company pays out $5 to anyone who holds long shares,for the legnth of time they indicate.They don't send the bill to anyone who holds short shares"

      trust me......If you sell a stock short, and that stock pays a dividend, your broker will debit your account the day the stock trades x-dividend for the amount of that dividend.

      let me try to explain in simple terms......say the company sells 1 share of stock, and you sell short 1 share, so there are two shares of stock currently owned by longs......both longs will want to receive the dividend, but the company is obligated to only pay a dividend on shares they issued. Where do you think the second dividend is coming from? thats right the short seller......

    • I assume you can speak proficiently, therefore based on your comments, I am lead to believe there is an inverse relationship between intelligence, perception, social and political awareness and ones ability to speak.

    • The fanboys are as clueless about politics as they are about technology.

    • lmao.

    • "You hate Bill Clinton now just because he loves his country and wants to defend it?"

      Defend us from WHAT?

      Iraq was never in all honesty about "defending" America, it was about the need for new mid-east bases since Saudi Arabia wants us out, and the desire for American oil companys to gain control of the #2 reserve in the world.

      (They honestly expected to find 'some' WMD in Iraq. Enough to at least lessen the questions of why they have wanted to invade Iraq as far back as 1997 with or WITHOUT Saddam in power, as their think tank put it in some of their reports back then.)

      I noticed a complete lack of anything regarding the current sad state of domestic affairs I tried getting you to comment on.

      Im really not surprised, but you should know from past history that Bush will lose in 2004 if he fails to address the needs within the nation.

      Iraq will not help him win, its the economy that will make or break his chances.

    • why would I have to pay the dividend the company pays out $5 to anyone who holds long shares,for the legnth of time they indicate.They don't send the bill to anyone who holds short shares.I was figurin that the stock would go down significantly after the dividend checks were paid out.So I buy to get the dividend and short it also but then you still end up with the long buying both long and short you shield yourself from the volitility. now if it were to go up then you only get the dividend minus- the xtra margin and trade costs.

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