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  • amd_to_fivebucks_in_2_weeks amd_to_fivebucks_in_2_weeks Aug 18, 2003 1:38 AM Flag

    Re: AMD'ERS sound scared

    way too much time snt on this and other boards.


    There, did I scare you somemore!

    What a bunch of losers.

    Oh, make that 1 loser with 300 aliases.


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    • just kidding.........I would be more than happy to apologize to you if AMD hit $30 tomorrow, but my apology would have to wait...I'd be too busy selling, selling, selling

    • If this was your only sourc of income, being a paid shill for a ham and egger company like Amd, you'd be scared and be up all night writing b.s. too.

      What a pathetic life this loser has.

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      • You'd be scared too if you owned a loser stock like AMD. Check out the other boards with winning stocks. All is quiet. Why? Because the stocks can perform on their own.

        On the other hand, loser stocks like AMD need losers to try to PUMP them up. When the stock drops like a rock on Monday, they'll be all over this board even more trying to PUMP AMD up.
        AND WHEN THAT DOESN'T WORK They'll be blaming CNBC, IBD and knowledgeable investors who they refer to as "bashers"

        What a sorry case this loser is.

      • That's no true. Some AMD longs do have regular jobs and work at places like Burger King, McDonalds and Subway.

        When they safe enough they can affor to buy 25 shares of AMD and because it is still so far listed on the NYSE and a former high flyer, theu actually think they own a real stock.

        SHHHHHHHHHHH! Don't spoil their fantasy after all, this is the only social life they have other than watching reruns of Gilligans Island and Roseanne. Oh and sending out spam. Let's not forget that one.

      • francis,

        you're the one who sounds desperate.....AMD will probably open up tomorrow, but who cares. I don't plan to sell based on what happens tomorrow.

        Right now, momentum is definitely on the side of AMD...that may change, may not, but for you to continue to post under multiple aliases, shows your either worried, or senile.

        My advice, give it a rest, for a day or two and maybe AMD will prove you right. Or it could continue to gain, and prove you to be the idiot I think you are

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