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    • Hi johnch - Missed your reply but believe you either didn't understand my questions or avoided answering them. It seems to me there is no such thing as a minimum wage which would provide a living wage for everyone. You either adjust wages to fit someones needs independent of the work performed and it's economic value or you pay everyone equal pay for equal work. No way around it.

    • People dont want charity they want to be paid for a day's work. You missed my point. If people are paid a living wage which is guaranteed and it costs a little more for the goods we buy then thats ok. It only works if poeple are paid the living wage. We wouldnt have to give as much to homeless shelters, food banks, etc because people would have jobs that pay enough. Is something wrong with this picture?

      Hey I make a great salary and I invest in the market. I got a couple of breaks in my career and worked hard. But a lot of folks are just trying to make ends meet. They dont even think about investing and saving, just existing. Believe me I know---its not important how I know I just know.

      Just My Two Cents

    • The GOP was going to send the work to California, but they were shocked to find the Socialist Democratic Party of California has a minimum wage rate of $6.75/hour. This is $1.60/hour higher than the national rate. I guess that the citizens need to make more $ because the CA state income tax is 11%.

      Bottom line, CA employers to stay competitive hire more illegals & pay them less. The big ethical companies just give up & leave.

      If Bustamante wins, then California might as well become part of Mexico--he supports a group that hates Gringos:

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      • The ireny of the post is no one even responded to the ethnic slurrs posted by this individual. The fact is that corporations hire undocumented aliens because they want to get off on the cheap. Wow, a whopping $6.75/hr minimum wage. Anyone here live on that wage?

        No but you would want people off welfare but are unwilling to pay them a living wage. That type of double standard is why this country still struggles to be a standard for the rest of the world.

        We are the number one industralized country in the world but we still dont porvide healthcare and a significant number of Americans are underpaid for the hard work they do.

        Just My Two Cents

      • "I guess that the citizens need to make more $ because the CA state income tax is 11%."


        The CA state sales tax is 8.25% (7.0% plus 1.25% statewide local taxes)

        CA ranks 19th out of all 50 states and the District of Columbia in the tax burden it imposes on individuals and businesses.

      • All this is starting to come out. You didn't mentions the Casino contributions and the wiggle room both Bustamonte and Davis are sying they have since they started collecting funds before the new rules. Many people have discussed this little behind the scenes accounting shuffle. It looks like Saddam type tactics, get rich, while your constituency goes without

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