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  • dr_max_facts dr_max_facts Nov 7, 2006 7:30 PM Flag

    Vista coming and Intel and Nvidia ready, NOT AMDATI !

    With Vista right around the corner Intel and Nvidia are clearly in the driver�s seat. NOT AMDATI !

    "Intels Quad Zilla and Nvidia's G80 will future proof your investment. Intel's Quad Zilla will pummel AMD's lame quick fix Quadfather 2+2 in the benchmarks. ATI won't have a Vista DirectX10 video card till next year, Nvidia's G80 will ship next week! You lose on both counts Lame cpu and no Direct x10 Video adds up to lost market share and shrinking margins...

    the facts,

    "All in all we can clearly see the advantages of adding more cores to accomplish more parallel processing power in the likes of Intel�s new CPU but it does come with a couple caveats for the current mainstream.

    First, do not both with this CPU unless you have a lot of cash � about $1000 dollars to be exact � as any performance dividends could be more pronounced with a better video card upgrade. Secondly, Intel has knowingly positioned its Quad-Core parts to be aimed at those who do have the cash and are more forward-looking than your average folks; meaning you�ll get this chip now to reap the performance gains down the road with pending games. Thirdly, if you�re a workstation user or building a server, this chip has great potential and clearly provides a superior value to even Intel�s current XEON chips.

    We can certainly see � from these early findings � that Multi-core CPU systems are will soon be the golden child of the PC industry and the standard for the higher-end PC users. With so many applications, games and Windows Vista right around the corner, the demand placed on PC hardware is growing at a significant rate and we�d highly encourage our readers to consider being on the leading-edge of that trend rather than on the trailing.

    We know that AMD will be releasing its dubbed �4x4� solution around November 14th which greatly relies on the Hypertransport bus to bridge two dual-core CPUs together for a total of four cores. While we feel they�re taking the right step as far as the industry is going in regards to more cores on the motherboards, we can�t help but wonder the inherent performance penalties of not having all cores within the same CPU package; only time will tell.

    For now, Intel is clearly in the driver�s seat and in pole position of putting greater distance between it and the competition. If you demand the utmost in today�s parallel CPU power than the QX6700 Core 2 Extreme Quad is for you."

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    • I would have to agree with Dr. Max.

      Intel 65nm Quad and Nvidia's G80 are the only logical Vista DirectX10 solutions.

    • by the way can you post a new mantra for intc, i'm getting tire of reading this one day in day out, i may just have to put you on ignore and you'll lose your 5 cents for bashing.

    • Your wrong....

      I am part of the Vista TAP - Technology Adoption Program - and we have been runing on AMD dual core for months now... AND we will be deploying 400+ AMD systems NOT Intel... We are using an ASUS board with imbedded video boards - in-expensive F A S T and working.... We actually demod the Intel product before it was released and it is a good product BUT amd is cheaper and tested. The new boards for Intel cpus - which are expensive - ARE NOT!

      to say that AMD is not a leader is just incorrect...

    • smell the coffee! all the oems are buying amd chips and leaving intc in the dust.what margins have intc taken back ZEROOOOOOOOOOOO! the recent intc downgrade is that the market makers have seen the numbers and intc has been smoked by amd. amd will be 40 before it'll be 17 again!

      i'm waiting for the amd run to 40 and split within this year. its doable especially since its in all the oems now.

      intc are buying all those awards heheee!

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