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  • dr_max_facts dr_max_facts Nov 27, 2006 4:58 PM Flag

    You got Nothing Now, and you got Nothing

    later. Intel Duo wipped AMD's Daul in all the benchmarks. Intels Quad will rip AMD's lowly QuadWattSucker a new ahole.
    Nvidia is selling the Vista DirectX10 G80 NOW. ATI's is a no show untill next year sometime. By the time AMDATI gets their act together it will be too little too late. AMDATI will lose market share and margins will shrink.

    You lost your momo now Intel/Nvidia gonna show you who has the best cpu/gpu chips.

    Intel/Nvidia are not standing still.

    Intel News
    "The next generation Intel processor based on the Nehalem architecture is clearly exciting as VR-Zone has learned. Successor to quad core Yorkfield which forms part of the 45nm Penryn architecture, Bloomfield will come along and sit right on top of the 45nm Nehalem desktop processors in mid 2008. Bloomfield will have 4 cores and is capable of 8 threads like the old Hyper-Threading technology but only more advanced. Bloomfield will contain an integrated memory controller that requires a new socket refresh called Socket B with 1366 contact pads."

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    • All AMDATI got are lame brained stop gap CPUs/GPUs. AMD's QuadWattSucker market share will be puny, Intels QuadCore will take 99.99999 percent of the Quad market. ATI's R600 is lost in cyber space, while Nvidia's G80 is the only Direct X10 ready card you can buy now.

    • Told you so, you should of listened to the Doctor.

    • Its too little too late for AMD, Intel has the best chips this year and next year.

      Intel to Improve Quad-Core Processors in Q3 2007

      Intel Corp., the world’s largest chipmaker, will release what is generally called “native” quad-core processor in the third quarter of the year 2007, according to several media reports and rumours circulating around Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, California.

      The microprocessor code-named Yorkfield will feature single-die design as well as unified level-two (L2) cache, which should boost its efficiency when compared to Intel’s first-generation quad-core offerings that have two-dice design and have to cooperate using processor system bus (PSB). Yorkfield is expected to feature 1333MHz PSB and be compatible with chipsets code-named Bearlake, which also support DDR3 memory.

      It is interesting to note that earlier media reports indicated that Yorkfield is a code-name for Intel’s octa-core (eight-core) microprocessor that consists of two dice made using 45nm process technology. Those octa-core (eight-core) were originally expected to be released in 2008 or beyond. Meanwhile, Intel's first single-die quad-core chip was earlier rumoured to be code-named Bloomfield. Given that current information comes from unofficial sources and roadmaps tend to be changed rather quickly, it is highly-likely that the chips may have different code-names and/or specifications.

      Intel Corp. will commercialize its first quad-core microprocessors as early as in November, 2006, about six months ahead of AMD, which is likely to add competitive pressure on the world’s second largest supplier of x86 microprocessors. But AMD believes that Intel’s approach to put two dice on a single slice of substrate to build a quad-core processor is inefficient and AMD’s “native” single-die quad-core design will provide better performance and scalability for servers. On the other hand, AMD may not hold advantage of having the world’s only x86 single-die quad-core chip, as Intel’s code-named Yorkfield may be launched just several months after, in Q3 2007.

    • You ain't got no brain and no loyalty to Intel.

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