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  • fudgepackher fudgepackher Mar 28, 2007 6:58 AM Flag


    ``Computer makers have an alternative in the microprocessor that they've never had before,'' says Cody Acree, an analyst at brokerage Stifel Nicolaus & Co. in Dallas. ``They're going to take advantage of that.''

    Acree expects that, in time, the microprocessor market will look more like a 50/50 world -- evenly divided between Intel and Advanced Micro -- than an 80/20 world.

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    • I've seen this argument a number of times. It typically goes something like "OEM's won't allow INTC to have monopoly", "OEM's won't allow AMD to fail".

      OEM's operate on razor thin margins and they sell what customers will buy and what makes them money. Period.

      They may emotionally like the idea of a hammer to use on whoever's largest but they won't give up profit to ensure it exists.

    • AMD had their 50% market share in the past MULTIPLE TIMES.

      Its only since the 90s when Intel started focusing on a core competancy that AMD has lost out.

      AMD used to be in almost every OEM computer you could buy, before Dell existed as a major competitor.

      AMD hasn't always been behind in manufacturering either. For all the 80s and early into the 90s AMD was often ahead a little bit for all their R&D was focused on copying Intel's processors while making them faster and lower cost through more advanced processes.

    • OEM's want two suppliers, and they will take steps to insure it remains that way.

      Regarding C2D... ok, it's slightly faster on synthetic benchmarks...

      But people don't buy the top of the line processor anyway - they buy at the price point that makes sense for them.

      Explaining why HP, Dell and Levono love AMD's X2 processors. They're certainly fast - they run cool, and they're priced right. AMD is tooling up so no one will go without.


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