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  • sharp737 sharp737 Nov 4, 2008 4:25 AM Flag

    Shanghai to beat Penryn clock for clock..

    so the rumour is. On average, that may be so and so theoretically that will beat Nehalem in some benchmarks (Anands has Penryn winning a just a few benchmarks),

    "......There are a few key points to note, bearing in mind that it is written from a rather biased viewpoint. First is that AMD is shipping Shanghai chips to customers now, not a big shock considering it launches in less than two weeks. If they weren't shipping by now, then AMD would have some rather serious logistics to work out in the next 14 days or so.

    Then comes the interesting point that AMD has a time to market advantage over 'our competitor', which is true since 2S Nehalems won't ship for about three more months, and then it will take a bit to ramp from there. Early word is that Shanghai will beat Penryn on clock-for-clock performance, the real question is whether or not they can jack the speed up.

    Mr Allen then goes on to say that Shanghai shipped about 1Q early, and to make matters more hopeful, it is supposedly shipping under planned TDP and higher than expected clocks. Both of these are credited to getting the engineering back on track, and the new 45nm immersion process. Lets hope for the industry that this is a systemic change, not a fluke.

    From there, the memo goes on to talk about price/performance, and price/performance-per-watt leadership. I take this as a bit telling that they won't have the outright performance lead, likely due to Intel's clock advantage, but it isn't a bad place to be considering how 2008 has been for the company up until this point.

    Virtualisation is also leaned upon heavily, and it has been one of AMD's strong points up until now. With Nehalem pulling the memory controller on die, it will remain to be seen how much of that advantage goes away, virtualising this has been the killer app for AMD over the last few years.

    In the end, it is clear that AMD thinks it has a winner on its hands. It will be quite interesting to see how Shanghai stacks up, both later this month vs Penryn, and in early 2009 vs Nehalem.

    Game on once again."


    PS I'm back...

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