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  • dfw222222 dfw222222 Jul 31, 2009 10:48 AM Flag

    Obama has completely failed as President!!


    He had no experience and he proves that every day as he has to read off his monitors in order to know what to say....some day the curtain will open and we will see the true puppet master!!

    His foreign policy is terrible...everyone is testing us and he wimps out and gives them what they want... now he is settling for Nuclear N-Korea and Iran. Well , Israel will take care of Iran because Obama does not have balls to do so! Too worried about being liked by his Arab brothers. I find it funny he attacked bush for troops overseas, saying he would bring them home... well he screwed that up also!! He actually is putting more troops overseas....another Obama lie!

    His stimulas pkg was a flop, with record rise in unemployment... he forced it through without mutual party support so noone to blame except him for rise in middle class taxes. Now his Healthcare has fallen apart, and once again they can not blame republicans... They own the house and senate and still can not pass Jack!! No excuses, Amercia is now seeing the Dem. need the republicans to get things done...

    It is over for obama, his own party is pulling away from him... he failed miserable!!! No leadership skills what so ever!! No president has ever said to the other party we are going to work without you, we don't need you... this Jackazz will learn , and is learning.... that will be the mistake of his career.

    Hey you liberals get your facts straight....
    1. Clinton is the one who bypass checks and balances on giving homes to people who could not afford them...Dem. party pushed this which caused this whole econ. mess... stop blaming Bush for your party failure!!
    2. Bush did not start this war....your Dem. party voted to go to war almost 100%, so please have the balls to take responsiblity. This war was no ones fault, it was CIA plunder if anyones, yet we really will never know because you and I do not know all the facts and never will!! Top secret... I think the truth is we went to war to be in area because pakistan unstability and we knew they had 100 Nuclear weapons...
    Liberals love to blame Bush because they have no balls to own you to their own party failure....

    For the record I am 2/3 Rep. ,1/3 Dem. so I vote on the best person regardless of party and skin color, unlike many liberals!

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