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  • bashtards_rliars bashtards_rliars Dec 11, 2009 3:42 PM Flag

    Fox New exposed ACORN and Van Jones


    The liberal media has been brainwashing americans for years ...
    Our enemies just need to put more liberals in our country vs attacks us from the outside.
    Liberals have destoyed the moral fiber of this country and would be the last to fight for our freedoms if it meant going to war.... its always the consevative type guys that have to step in a save their sorry azz.

    Liberals hate Beck because he exposed all the BS lies liberals try to feed america...
    Beck speaks out against Republicans just as much as Democrates, but they are too stupid to even know what his point of views are. He is against BIG GOV., HUGE DEBT, Collapse of US Dollar, corruption in Washington, Socialist/Communist control from top down vs. Free Market and Freedom for all ....etc. etc. These are just basic ideas ... which all americans should agree on! I do not own gold, but I tell you if the US debt goes up much more and US dollar collapse, then we are going to wish we owned gold!

    Van Jones.... Obama's buddy , puts communist Van Jones in charge of 200 billion of tax payer money!! Pathetic!

    The obama admin. is so corrupt it is not even funny!! Obama approval rating has been dropping like a rock since he got in power..... the indep. voters has moved from 75% support to 35%... it is over for Obama.... Liberals failed!

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