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  • cove3a cove3a Dec 24, 2009 12:54 PM Flag

    Current bankruptcy forecasts for AMD

    amdchapter7 02/15/2009
    tpdave1 10/01/2009
    tpdave1 3/2010 (revised)
    intelrules 03/01/2009
    amdroadkill20009 06/10/2009
    dorf_on_equities 02/16/2009
    curiousguyusa 06/30/2009
    aluisious81 08/30/2009
    amdzonesucks 09/01/2009
    mrchesschum 2/12/10
    disgruntled 8/09
    hunglee soon (8/20/09)
    Short amdmoney 5 12/09
    Ace 6/30/2010

    As regards NVIDIA:
    daysofshred 3 diff versions of fermi will be released before eoy 2009

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    • ...You mean all these folks were just using their UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS to daytrade/short AMD????

      Wow !!! No wonder they're all be filing for personal bankruptcy!!

      Tell them to call me at:


      I might have some bus money - with free soup & crackers (in the spirit of the Holiday season)- for them to get to their respective bankruptcy counselors!


    • "amdroadkill20009"

      What, the twelve aliases monkey already has wasnt enough?


      • 1 Reply to amddj
      • Hey

        I used to use just one but people cried to Yahoo and or Yahoo blocked my posts.

        I added on a few dozen names-HAAA HAAAA
        Low and behold--I still have all of them but one.

        Also--when in real trouble with Yahoo--change ones IP address.

        But on topic now
        AMD is going higher and I bought in again this week.

        So for now--and maybe for a long time, I am long AMD.

        Money is money

        I know it must pain you to see me make money on AMD long but you will get over it.

        Happy New Year.
        Hey DJ

        At least you and I are not Republicans.

    • daysofshred, needs to just...come on over to the dark side.

      fermi aint gonna make!!

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