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  • atytechnika atytechnika Jun 5, 2011 11:53 AM Flag



    a new fight in the market started back in 2007.that fight was gpu vs cpu.
    there was a time where intel felt that gpu is important enough to go full throttle in it(larabee)after a major reevalution by the masters of all business competance/marketing (intel),they came up with the realisation that no,if we are to take the company to new heights ,its the cpu that will do it.
    leading the charge of gpu vs cpu was the green team maestro jen from nvda,that promised years from back then 2007 that the gpu is the future and it will obliterate the cpu along with it goes intel.
    here we are 4 years after and the battle came to conclusion.
    SO HOW DID NVDA's gpu FARE with its fight against intel?
    nvda's bottom line went nowhere while intel's almost tripled.
    whats more a defiant jen that promised the fall of intel is back into intels camp like the clever prostitute that he is.
    AMD went along the same ride with its vision marketing push and the conclusion was identical to nvda's ,BOTTOM LINE BUSINESS GONE NOWHERE.

    THE FIGHT IS CONCLUDED WITH INTEL'S VISION PREVAILING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK and the mickey mouse club AMD/NVDA gpu fight against the cpu decimated.
    if an investor still cant find in himself to understand the results of that war ,then pizza delivery should be more the suitable match for this he or she investor

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