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  • rorycantread rorycantread Apr 25, 2012 12:38 PM Flag

    What AMDers call the "mobile segment" isn't.

    Oh look, one of the prime offenders who is trying to call APU equipped low end laptops "mobile devices"!

    It's not working Tinkerbell. Better pump harder. No one is mistaken into believing that an APU powered laptop is the same as an iPad or smartphone.

    Oh no! Rory's head is on the chopping block!

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    • You're like a cheerleader drama queen. Rory is opening up the Asian market for AMD, you know, where all the growth is and where they don't particularly like Intel and its minions like you. AMD pulled Seamicro right out from under Intel, and now Intel runs and buys Cray's interconnect division because "they weren't impressed with Seamicro".


      Now here you fools come riding in on the phone chip bandwagon, knowing full well that Intel faces just as many software hurdles as MIPS does in that segment due to software compatibility issues.

      But we're all supposed to cry in our coffee because Intel has a crappy Atom phone chip and AMD doesn't. Boo hoo. AMD will have a phone chip as soon as they want one, and it'll kick the crap out of Atom and it'll have better graphics too.

      I don't need to pump anything anyway, you need to bash because it's all you got at this point right? Nvidia's share price is garbage, and Intel missed.

      Sucks for you trolls.

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