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  • fusionthread fusionthread Jul 26, 2012 10:51 PM Flag

    F~ck this Place

    Yeah, yeah, I know trolls scums, AMD is all finished. RIP, BK, WASTED.

    Yeah, and you guys really aren't the same people with multiple IDs talking to yourselves all day and night. You really aren't losers that spend all your time here, trying to convince somebody, ANYBODY that you are completely right and everybody else is completely wrong. If this was 1995 you might have a leg to stand on, but you don't. The funny thing is that you watch daily movements like hawks and act like everything happens in a 24 hour cycle. It doesn't, and this is obvious to anybody who actually invests.

    This board is filled with posts from a bunch of little kid, pizza faced INTC losers that never grew up. Proverbial dorks, but just not smart. This is an utter waste of time. I'm outta here, at least until they roll this board over and you scums get dealt with or until AMD rebounds and I drop by to let you know how stupid you really are. Again.

    If the stock was at 20 or 30 and they got bad news like this then you may have had a point about future troubles. If they had fabs that they had to dump money into then they might have had real problems. But that's all in the past, where you currently live. AMD will rebound, I know it and so do you. The con is trying to convince everybody that they won't.

    Have at it. Really, have a blast circle jerking yourselves with your 30 IDs each. This fad is over for me. I could sell my stake in AMD right now and end up with a marginal loss on the average of all my trades thus far. Am I going to? Nope.

    As long as INTC exists so does AMD. Prove me wrong. Come on trolls, PROVE IT.

    You can't, and that's why you're such a bunch of failures. You can't prove the one thing that you constantly state as being true. You can't sell the only con you're trying to push. The only thing you've succeeded at is making this place a cesspool. Oh, and you haven't made any money either, you aren't smart enough for that.

    You've failed at the one thing that you keep trying to do every day, and I'm disgusted at all of you trolls scums for it. Because it's the most empty, stupid and pointless goal that I have ever seen; bashing a company on a message board hoping that it will fail. It's the essence of being someone with nothing to live for or to look forward to.

    Enjoy your chosen lives, and I'm glad I'm not you. So very, very, glad.

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