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  • investorsandme investorsandme Jan 17, 2013 7:06 PM Flag

    selling off afterhours

    not sure on what kind of volume but there could be some profit taking here tommorrow should give shorts a chance to cover

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    • Loads of inside buying on the 15th. Check AMD sec filings.

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      • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Jan 18, 2013 1:38 AM Flag

        You need to learn to read a Form 4.

        Those weren't purchases. They were option grants. Totalling about 1.8 million shares.

        So no, there was no "loads of inside buying", only loads of your money being given to your executives who did the opposite of earning it.

        The last thing that looks like a buy happened on the 10th. But that wasn't a buy either, it was an exercise of previously granted options. They had a strike price of $0, apparently, so the shares were free.

        Bruce Claflin was the exercisor, and he exercised them on their vesting date. He had another 5 years to hold on to those options,.

        The only way it makes sense for him to bother to exercise them now is so he can dispose of them as quickly as possible in one order to dump all of his 260,000 shares. Smart move.

        If he was really smart, he'd be way short right now. But the SEC might take a dim view of that, him being chairman of the company and all...

        No, the last insider to actually buy any of this pig stock was Lisa Su, back on November 7, right when she and Rory were negotiating a revision of the GlobalFoundries deal. Why she's not sitting in an SEC paddy wagon for that can only be a matter of bureaucratic delay.

      • Intel was down what, $1.20 in afterhours??? It's very clear wallstreet and was not happy with Intel at all. It's understandable, missed revenues and the only reason they should be happy was because of lower tax rates, making things look better for intel. Otherwise, it's just a repeat of same old boring movie. No wonder why Paul has had it. Hey, at least they don't have losers selling their IP technology! I guess it's just easier to copy it.

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