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  • dr_max_facts dr_max_facts Feb 11, 2013 10:20 AM Flag

    NVIDIA Titan The Most Powerful GPU in the World Crown To DOMINATE! AMD DOOMED!

    More NVIDIA GeForce Titan Video Card Details Emerge


    New GeForce Titan Specs Show Kepler Better Than Ever!

    The retailer lists the ASUS GeForce Titan which was also listed a few days ago by ProShop although the listing was removed. The new one has not yet been removed and shows that the card would feature a 6 GB GDDR5 memory which would run across a 512-bit interface rather than a 384-bit interface as previously expected. This could show that NVIDIA has made a radical change to its Tesla board since the K20X had a 384-bit interface supporting a 6GB memory. On performance point of view, the faster memory interface would help drive better frame rates while gaming on higher resolutions.

    Additionally, the retailer has also mentioned the clock frequencies of the card which are mentioned as 915 MHz for the core and a blistering fast 1019 MHz boost clock. Previously, we thought that since the GeForce Titan was essentially a Tesla K20X built for the consumer market it would had carried over the same specifications of the GPU. That’s why we previously reported 14 SMX (2688 Cores), a core clock of around 700 MHz however if NVIDIA has changed the configuration of the GK110 GPU that the GeForce Titan utilizes than the specs could be entirely different. This could also mean that we may see a different core count in the GeForce Titan, either the same or lower than that of the Tesla K20X.

    But even if these are real and we are more aimed in believing them than gamers are in for a treat. This could further prove the performance numbers we saw earlier with the GeForce Titan performing on par with the GTX 690. New Benchmarks have also been provided on OBR’s website and they show that the card is indeed just on the edge on GeForce GTX 690 which is a dual chip card.

    Other details include 2 DVI-I, 1 DVI-D and a single Display port. Cooling would be provided with a single fan heatsink solution which would come with a backplate and power would most probably end between the 235-250W limit. The weird thing about the listing is that the price of the GeForce Titan just keeps on going up with each listing. First it was mentioned to be around $899, proshop listed it for $1299, now the latest listing puts it a an unbelievable $1599 price. We think that the price would just end up around the $1000 mark. Expect launch in the upcoming weeks. Most probably before PS4 launch reveal on 20th February as TechPowerUp believes.


    More NVIDIA GeForce Titan video card details have been leaked by another online retailer! The Australian retailer isn't the first store to list the ASUS GeForce Titan, but it is the first to show the clock speeds and that the cards 6GB of GDDR5 memory runs on a 512-bit interface rather than a 384-bit interface as previously rumored.

    According to this site, the ASUS GeForce Titan has clock frequencies of 915MHz for the base clock and a 1019 MHz boost clock! It looks like the NVIDIA GK110 GPU is going to be a beast, but it better as the site listed the cards price at $1599! The site also mentions that the card has a paid or DVI-I video outputs along with one DVI-D and one Display Port. Cooling would be provided with a single fan heatsink solution. Who knows if any of this is right, but it looks like the GeForce Titan is going to be a beast for those that can afford one.

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    • yourbestfriendintheworld yourbestfriendintheworld Feb 11, 2013 11:53 AM Flag

      AMD no longer has a dog in the race in either discrete CPUs or discrete GPUs, and its APUs are lame, too.

      Anyone buying this stock has to understand they've bought a company near death that has staked everything on leaping a broad chasm with no net, to get to ARM.

      And the technology industry will be increasing the force of gravity the entire time AMD is in the air. And Rory has really bony knees.

    • A "blistering" $1600 and a super "blistering" 250 watts removes this staggering NVDA accomplishment completely out of mainstream and into only geek hands. Moreover, as I suggested, NVDA is pulling away from intel's interests and regressing to safe turf where intel will leave them to remain a nat to intel. In the end, intel's strategy leaves crippled AMD to compete with cash rich NVDA. Hint: This is no competition at all. AMD's graphics attempt is done and over, just like AMD.

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      • The GeForce Titan launches this month at a price tag just around the $1000 mark, NOT $1600, AMD DOOMED!

        GeForce Titan

        Thanks to a key source, we have finally got a first look at NVIDIA’s upcoming GeForce Titan PCB. The GeForce Titan would be NVIDIA’s flagship GPU based on the GK110 core and as we pointed out earlier it would indeed feature a 6 GB VRAM and a custom designed PCB by NVIDIA which is actually the reference design to be used by AIB partners.
        NVIDIA GeForce Titan PCB Unveiled

        Since our source was still under NDA, he had to blur out the key mappings of the GPU which include part labels. Still we can see much of the GPU itself so have a look below at the beauty that is the GeForce Titan. The PCB is custom designed and reminds me of the GTX 680 classified from EVGA except that the GeForce Titan is based on the GK110 core architecture that features a massive core count of 2688 Cuda Cores. The PCB holds a total 8 phase VRM which is situated at the backside of the PCB along with ICs and MOSFETs. Additional two VRM phases are located near the SLI connectors that power the memory.

        The GeForce Titan features a 6 GB GDDR5 memory running along a 384-bit interface. We can easily spot 12 memory chips on the front, the other 12 are located at the back of the PCB but users won’t be able to see them on the retail model since it comes with a sexy backplate. The best part is that there are actually 2 SLI goldfingers on the GPU which allows Quad-Way SLI Support. This would bring unbeatable performance to enthusiasts who are willing to dish out that kind of cash on their rigs. The GPU is fed power through an 8 Pin and 6 Pin connector which puts the total power draw to 300W but would actually be a tad bit lower but that remains to be seen. We were told a TDP around the 235-250W on the GeForce Titan. Display outputs include the regular configuration of 2 DVI, 1 HDMI and a single display connector.

        There’s only one 4 pin fan connector on the PCB so we can say that the cooler shroud would consists of only one fan unlike dual fans found on other flagship GPU. The card itself would occupy two slots and the upper slot would be used to ventilate heat out of the GPU. Well this is all for now but expect more details soon. The GeForce Titan launches this month at a price tag just around the $1000 mark. Its listing can be found

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