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  • caseno_98 caseno_98 Feb 13, 2013 11:18 AM Flag

    Apple favoring AMD:

    Excerpt from Seeking Alpha:
    Apple switched from Nvidia to AMD for MacBooks just last year, and Apple may again switch the iMac to AMD.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Jup, it vere a very big favor vhen Apple kicked AMD out of all new product.

      No one vant an computer or device mit an AMD chip in it. Saying "AMD Inside" lower der value of der product.

      If AMD veren't givin away der chips, none of der console maker vould use AMD. I bet they downplay dat AMD chip vere the cheapest dey could get for der consolen.

    • Apple favoring Intel

      Macrumors says so

      "Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had previously outlined his expectations for Apple's 2013 plans back in June. The predictions in the top-portion of the graph above have already come true. Kuo expects that the MacBook Pro will consolidate back into a single hardware line next year. The new MacBook line will also use Intel's new Haswell chips which are expected between March and June 2013.

      Haswell will incorporate CPU performance boosts as well as double the performance of the integrated GPU. This added GPU performance would be helpful if Apple does standardize on Retina Displays across the entire MacBook line in 2013."

      Stupid AMD fanboys

    • not processors... is INTC people smarter than AMD.. doubt it.

      AMD need a better leader ..

    • great

    • Yep, Apple sure did AMD a BIG favor when it banished flaky, buggy Radeon GPUs and rejected out of hand AMD's slow, shoddy APUs for all now Apple computer products, from iMacs to Macbooks. I'm sure AMD said "Thanks Tim!" as its #$%$ was being booted out the door.

      Apple has blacklisted AMD. It will never again specify any AMD chip in any new Apple product. You're welcome, pumpwad fantard.

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