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  • wootangclanage wootangclanage Feb 24, 2013 10:02 PM Flag

    India going to buy a ton of APU's like crazy!

    and growth in discreet graphics due to the fact that India is the world premier services provider for high end IT services. AMD has tapped into emerging market growth as the rest of the developed market dries up. AMD also has their sights set on tablet APU. lower powered solutions. embedded solutions, export market.d

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    • also will see more growth at China. they can't effort to buy high end when actually does not need too for many applications

    • It seems India is more than some IT , its in the headlines almost daily for Rapes . Its disgusting how the victims of Rapes are are ingnored and made like it their fault . Could you tell me which machine might be Indian so we call are get the word out.

    • Why is it that India hasn't been buying APUs for the last year? AMD has slashed prices. They are cheap. They are readily available, too, with AMD taking inventory write downs and reporting mushrooming APU inventories still.

      It seems that India isn't interested in APUs, nor is anyone else.

    • Well, APUs have been available for more than a year, and India hasn't shown much interest, even when AMD was trying to give them away. That is why AMD had to take an massive inventory writedown, and faces continuing inventory growth problems, despite paying GF hundreds of millions of dollars to NOT make chips for AMD.

      What you'll find is that the third world is as brand conscious as the first world. AMD has a miserable reputation as a 40-year bumbler, hypster and promise-breaker. It's brand carries badwill, not goodwill. The only folks with AMD chips under the hood are those who were forced to buy at the lowest possible price, whether by regulation or poverty.

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