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  • dr_max_facts dr_max_facts May 4, 2013 9:21 PM Flag

    AMD's Delusional Dream of Console Riches DOOMED by $50 HD7730!

    AMD's lowly bottom feeding $50 HD7730 paired to a Intel CPU Slaughters AMD's cheap console Toy for Tots.
    Low-end Steam Box will beat AMD's APU powered Consoles bloody, Haswell Steam Box will destroy AMD's APU powered Consoles, and Haswell/Kepler Steam Box will Obliterate AMD's APU powered Consoles!

    According to X bit labs, they managed to get the first image of the supposed 7730 from Coolaler, which depicts a small but viable GPU that is about on par to the Radeon HD 6670, in terms of raw processing power.

    In the language of the fanboy Console War, that would effectively put the 7730 a minor step ahead of the PS4's APU theoretically. However, as indicated in the test threads from Coolaler, the 7730 actually has Vantage scores that rival and outdo the PS4 nicely if paired with a fast enough processor.

    AMD has yet to comment on the Radeon HD 7730, though, and it might be an all right card bundled into a cost-effective unit, perhaps as the low-end version of the Steam Box? A competitive $250 PC rocking a 7730 and Steam's Big Picture Mode could easily put a huge dent in the sales appeal for the PS4 and next-generation Xbox.

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    • Gaming PCs based on Haswell 128MB eDRAM/512-Bit Bus the GRAPHICS Monster will DOMINATE! AMD's cheap console sales DOOMED, a $50 HD7730 GPU isn't going to dominate anything but the used toy dumpster.

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    • I thought the next consoles used a castrated Radeon HD7790, now we see its a el cheapo HD7730 duct taped to Jag APU that might not see the light of day until early next year sometime. It looks like the console market just got Crayed Played by AMD.

      AMD = The Mother of all pump and dumps. Enjoy the ride but you better bail before the AMD crash and burn dump.

    • Go take your med young man lol

    • If this $50 buck GPU can beat AMD/APU consoles lame game butt then AMD's Delusional Dream of Console Riches really is DOOMED. AMD/APU console performance is so low that its will easy to beat by many OEMs producing budget gaming rigs, and Steam Boxes.

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    • Microsoft and Sony LOST Billions on their last gen consoles so they needed cheap, wise man Jen said no way are we selling are chips cheap, But Roy the CEO fool rushed in and gave them cheap chips. A $50 dollar GPU glued to a 8 wimpy core CPU, MS and Sony sure did get cheap.

      Even a $50 dollar GPU should be marginally better than a 6 year old GPU. BUT this generation of consoles set the performance bar so low that AMD's discrete $50 version paired with a cheap Intel CPU beats it. These Toys consoles for tots will be blown into the stoneage by a 2 core Haswell paired with HD7730, Haswell with128 eDRAM will obliterate them, Haswell and low end Kepler will destroy them and Haswell with a mid market Kepler will bury them. Real gamers will never get excited about a $50 GPU, Cheap APU Console sales are DOOMED!

      read weep and cry AMD POS pumper Cry!

      The added degree of difficulty with this next generation, though, is that the leap in graphics fidelity will not be as pronounced as it has in previous new consoles. And that could mean a slower adoption rate among consumers.

      "The next-generation consoles present only a modest improvement in graphics quality over current generation consoles, suggesting to us that many gamers will be slower to adopt the new technology immediately," said Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities

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    • lol do you actually think that M$FT and SONY would destroy their next generations prospects by picking a sub pair CPU+GPU from AMD? Your absolutely mad! They know AMDs 8 core Jaguar APU is going to create some of the most amazing graphics and gameplay that they could possibly need. HAVE YOU SEEN THE PS4 VIDEOS?!! They look NEXT GENERATION.. So Take your Lies else where

    • LOL, I can't stop laughing AMD's cheapest discrete GPU paired with a cheap Intel CPU will rip AMD's APU PS4 & XBox a gaping GPU Hole! These Cheap APU powered console Toys for Tots really will be obsolete DOA dumpster junk. Analysts have been saying these new consoles only have a modest performance boost compared to 6 year old consoles, they're nothing to get a real gamer excited about. Haswell Steambox will DOMINATE!

      read weep and run, AMD's over hyped run is DONE!

      Details of a new GCN based entry level graphics card from AMD have surfaced around the web. Named the Radeon HD 7730, it is the slowest and cheapest GCN based card to date, and is believed to be based on the Cape Verde GPU. The reference card is a single slot design, and sports one DVI port, one HDMI and one DisplayPort outputs. It is 168 mm long, and has a TDP of 55 W.

      The HD 7730 has 448 shader units, 28 TMUs and 16 ROPs, according to the database at techPowerUP, the only resource we have seen so far with detailed info. The GPU is clocked at 800 MHz, giving it a peak single-point FP performance of 716.80 GFLOPS, a pixel fill rate of 12.8 gigapixels/s and a texture fill rate of 22.4 gigatexels/s. It has 1 GB GDDR5 memory on a 128-bit bus, clocked at 1125 MHz, 4500 MHz effective, for a bandwidth of 72 GB/s.

      The card supports all the usual APIs, such as DirectX 11.1, OpenGL 4.2 and OpenCL 1.2. It uses a PCI-E 3.0 system interface. We have not yet seen any benchmarks to compare it to similar cards from AMD or NVidia, but the figures show it to be AMD's slowest card in the current generation. The launch price is said to be $59 although we have not yet seen a supplier who is listing it, so cannot confirm that.

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    • Kid, why don't you take it somewhere else. No one here gives a rat's #$%$ what you're spouting.

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