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  • pessemist May 23, 2013 9:03 AM Flag

    AMD is an excellant stock study. It is a low value but highly volatile stock that trades technically like it is right out of a textbook example. I think my predictions here, so far, have born fruit to that assertation. Go back and study the stock action from the short covering spurt to the start of the 'correction' so you can profit next time. 2 Rules of Pesse's trading: RULE #1: Before you buy a stock know your exit point. RULE #2: Before you buy a stock know your exit loss. So if you buy a stock figure out where you want to sell it and put a limit sell order in right then and there. Also put in a trailing STOP LOSS order where you won't be left holding the bag. I usually do no more than 8% trailing loss and look for a 20% profit point. RULE #3: Never change your sell & stop loss points once a trade is made!

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    • I understand that technically the stock must fill the gap but do you really think it will go back in the 2s... I agree with you if the overall market corrects but I see 3.4-3.5 as resistance

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      • pessemist May 23, 2013 9:22 AM Flag

        Historically AMD does a 40% correction which puts it at $2,63 or so. I think it'll drop through support. Now, we may be looking at a prolonged decline over the summer or it could just fall like a rock....but I wouldn't buy back in until both the stock and the market finish their corrections. Under $3 seems HIGHLY probable. Might just touch there and rebound quickly. I have buy orders sitting at $2.50- through $2.90

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