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  • chicago_ape chicago_ape Jul 19, 2013 2:54 PM Flag

    Obama is Doing ALL He Can to Destroy this Country and Start

    a RACE WAR
    His True Colors are coming out
    He really hates the "WHITE" Successful people in this Country
    Folks Obama is NOTHING !!

    Treyvon - yes it is SAD what happened..
    Zimmerman - I cant believe that he wanted to have to Shot Treyvon..

    My father came to this Country with a 10 Cent Coin in his Pocket
    HARD WORK will always Reward you !

    We have a SERIOUS Education Problem in this Country - that is the HEART of the Problems we are see within the Black Communities, -- Although as I said : My father came to this Country with a 10 Cent Coin in his Pocket - HE WORKED HARD and WORKED VERY HARD to Get his Education to Advance himself in Life all the While providing for a Family and his hard working ethics passed on to his children !

    I will repeat : We have a SERIOUS Education Problem in this Country - that is the HEART of the Problems we are see within the Black Communities !! Along with the LACK of DESIRE to Advance !

    Do not get me wrong - WE HAVE numerous Very Successful Black People in this Country, much more successful then lots of us that are reading this, and they themselves cannot understand why we continue to See the never ending problems within the Black Communities. The non-stop black on black killings.

    Last week a young black kid was killed by another Black kid, because the killed kid would NOT join the GANG ! What is happening in this County ! and Obama says NOTHING about that Killing ! NOTHING !!!

    Now we a President ( White / Black ) that is doing ALL he can to MAKE Zimmerman "GUILTY" - that is a COMMUNIST Movement !

    Obama also wants to get rid of CONGRESS - another COMMUNIST Movement !

    We are going to see Massive Unemployment in this Country upon Communist National Health Care ! that will move MILLIONS of Americans on to Government Welfare - another Communist Movement !


    You think Treyvon is a Problem - GET Ready

    Watch yourself - Everyone
    America is Changing slowing right in front of your eyes

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    • Didn't you call yourself a gay pos just last week? You were here bragging about how much you could take down you throat, till it tickeld your tummy! Thats what you said. Last I recall you were going out to work on a jackass & then you said sorry I was looking at myself in a mirror & I'm only a bug.

    • Would you like to support a republican? George Bush and his father would not even attend the republican convention because they were to embarassed be fools like you, rush, shara, mit, nixon, reagan, i RESPECT THE GENERAL D.D.E. 1952, but after that his party went to the #$%$"s steal or kill from everybody.

    • just stating it here Obama is a mixture of black and white so he is just as equally white as black and if anything more white than black being raised by his white mom

    • american educational system (s)ucks. more money wont fix it... what will is new curriculum with relevant studies that does not waste our children's valuable time by filling their heads with garbage useless facts and figures... I have never used algebra, geometry, calculus since high school. English, I have used. I wish somebody taught guitar, keyboards in school. wouldn't it be nice if education taught us how to date and marry and have a successful home and family life. instead... we get world history, and dead languages... by the way I have never used Latin since high school... and I had three years of it. I have never used German since high school or college... and I had four years of it. I have never used russian. It would have been darned nice if I had a course or two on auto mechanics, auto racing, and disc jockeying in high school and or college.

      The worst indictment of the american educational system is bigoted haters who watch FOX NEWS and buy into all that feces they put out. George Bush was the stupidest president we ever had. What a breath of fresh air Clinton and Obama have been. If we ever let another republican into the white house again, we are a nation of idiots. Most pastors have turned their pulpits into political right wing dissemination centers of folly and fiction. Church is supposed to be about the Bible and Christianity... not rich people. Not getting rich or keeping all your money safe from the hungry, the poor, and the sick.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • There's enough vitriol being spewed here without having to delve into politics. Take it elsewhere.

    • He's just a community activist that is overwhelmed at the job of president. 94 out of every 100 black murders are at the hands of another black person. Think about it. If you wanted to change things for the better for the black community why not start there?

      This was an issue that he couldn't let go of. He had to personalize it and make Treyvon Martin to be equal to him. Next time a white kid gets killed by a black man I hope he'll be equally outspoken. He wants to start a national dialog. Great, black on black murders are out of control. How do we change that?

    • America is Changing slowing right in front of your eyes - AND NOT FOR THE BETTER !!

      We have been going backwards in this Country ever since Obama was put into the White House - on non stop BS Promises !! The Poor & Uneducated Black people are WORSE off now then before Obama - that is a COMMUNIST Movement - KEEP the POOR and STUPID - POOR AND STUPID !!

      Another problem is just that - KEEP the POOR and STUPID - POOR AND STUPID !! hence Al Sharpton / Jesse Jackson - they both promise the Poor better days - as these are RICH and Better days HAVE NEVER come for the POOR !

      These are serious problem that are very hard to fix because they have been ongoing for many many many years !

      We are starting to look like Mexico and Chavez land Venazuela - if you have traveled thru these countries - you would understand - and I mean travel off the beaten path ..

      Obama is TROUBLE !

    • You are a lying racist.

      EVERYTHING is better under Obama.

      DOW down 25% under Bush

      DOW up 106% under Obama RECORD HIGHS

    • You should know butt brain,get a life racist!

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