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  • joecpawlak76 joecpawlak76 Aug 21, 2013 9:47 PM Flag

    AMD is THE turnaround story of the century!!!

    Last year there was a lot of negative chatter around the company and a perfect storm of negative that hit AMD based on a poor plan, untimely product refreshes, a slowing pc industry, and evolution of AMD products. This WAS the low time to buy and will NEVER be repeated. The reason for AMD's significant loss of market share was poor planning around product that they nearly needed to give away, and contracts for obsolete chips that theh wisely chose not to produce. This turn for AMD has led to freah product, a product refresh AHEAD of the competition moving into the end of the year, and future plans that make AMD the innovator once again. Why do you think the talent is shifting back to AMD? The push to APU with the focus on HSA and HUMA will give AMD the edge where their APU already makes them the big kid on the block. I still contend that the slowdown in PC has been the lack of choice based on the AMD refresh cycle negatively affecting the industry by producing only Intel products that many would steer clear of based on poor experiences in the past ( I am one such person that has given Intel a shot 2 times in my life and will not give them a third. AMd has the GPU refresh coming in a couple of months where last year they were wosely holding to protect their refresh! And still, last quarter gained share in a shrinking market. Good luck shorting this stock. Expenses are in line, they are jot exposed to the substantial costs of manufacturing and competing with the process improvements of Intel and will be designing and marketing the best products available!!! Let the fabs make up ground in tech, let AMD focus and farm out the high risk and traditional portion of their business that caused them to dosappoint their customers...a new AMD!!! Lets ge lt invested to profit from this success!

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    • Reminders:

      -Product Refresh hurt AMD in 2012 and is an asset in 2013!
      -Expenses are cut substantially in 2013 and the reductions are fully concluded!
      -AMD is fabulously exposure to the slowdown with chip production and cost of inovation moved to fabs!
      -Console volume wins proving the power of the APU! Can't deny Intel Graphics miss in APU and Nvidea CPU lacks in APU!
      -2012 AMD products in Notebook and Desktop hard to find...2013, Everywhere and front page featured for many retailers...product is out there and money rolls in as products are released!
      -windows support ends and the Win8 refresh will be HOT this holiday...AMD timing is perfection for this refresh!
      -HSA/HUMA is coming on line and will be a HUGE asset! Marketing will take care of itself with the console wins! Partnerships and the XBOX/PS3 difference will make HUmA and HSA common knowledge!
      -AMD basing profitability on preliminary estimates for gaming console sales! Exceeding presale will add additional dollars to the bottop line!
      -Margin surprise has been set up for us already! The stock has reacted and a beat will be incredible with a return to profit as well as concurrent beat in sales to LY!
      -Profit share begins to build with the where to go but up!
      -Gaming servers are receiving heavy updates and AMD is a partner for Microsoft and Sony! These are big projects and benefit from AMd technology!

      Anyone want to lay out a short case, go ahead, but use facts...probably difficult for those deceiptful and desperate shorts!!!

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    • I can't figure why we were on the up and up today and ended up negative. #$%$

    • AMD will rank #1 or 2 on biggest YTD % gain end of this year.

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