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  • pessemist Dec 10, 2013 1:29 PM Flag

    My Take

    Some small short covering on news. Maybe some retail traders getting on board. We are too far ahead of earnings for this to be the run into it so I expect this pop will fall back fairly quickly. SO if you are long how do you play it? Well, if you are a trader you can pull your money off the table get back in at maybe the $3.50 mark or lower. Or you can just ride it up and into earnings if you don't want to wait. I anticipate about $4.20ish~! into earnings. I may go long ahead myself if it pulls back but my big trade will be a HUGE short position taken on earnings day. I expect a repeat of last quarter with another immensely profitable Gap Down the next day (Hence my reiteration of Gap Down Friday Party).

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    • it's not going back down to 3.50, way too much positive news over the next couple weeks. End of the year will have a nice run up to about 4.20 then we should be near $5 by earnings. That's why, I loaded up on $3 in the money December calls, they're already up about 65% from where I purchased them. Just couldn't resist too good to pass up, almost a sure bet. imo

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    • Did u mean is abou 6 up the arsey from tp, or fizzle or as I like to say kissmearsy you fool.

    • LMAO.....your take? Dude, your take has been WRONG at almost every move for this stock. Good god the arrogance you have. You also said this stock would go below $ you say this stock will pull back fairly Maybe it will, maybe it won't.......but you have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE if it will or won' are simply throwing out more bs which I would be inclided to believe you are wrong about since you have been wrong just about every step of the way with this stock. If you knew HALF as much as you think you do you might be

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      • My investment in AMD has been dead money that hasn't made me anything. I was an AMD long that bought during the first push to the $4s and got in too late and am now looking to cut my losses during the pre-earnings run up. I'm more profitable in other areas and will be taking my money there. I may take a small short position via puts ahead of earnings but nothing more. Looking at how much money I could have made last quarter in AMD puts ahead of earnings hurt pretty bad. Stock dropped like a rock and I was stunned.

        Do not let some of these crazy pumpers get the real people here from seeing everything. I've watched this board for months and have been in situations where I agree with Pess and others where I do not, but he TYPICALLY provides his information in a clear manner and with a good enough backing that it actually makes sense. He has surely had some claims that I would call ludicrous, but he has also been right on some things also. One of those is the gap down Friday. Just because it has happened the past 2 quarters is no guarantee it happens again, it will all depend on the guidance provided within the earnings report.

        I will be putting in a protective stop on my AMD shares into earnings to prevent another huge loss on gap down Friday for sure. I am also debating a small short position via puts, but am still undecided there. Best of luck to everyone here.

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      • pessemist Dec 10, 2013 2:54 PM Flag

        You are right. Wrong every single time. So here is what you do: You buy every share you can get going into earnings regardless of price. Just back up the truck into earnings! Then hold overnight! I mean that's what you did last time right? How'd that work out for you?

    • A spike after earning? You said it. Wallstreet investors have NO IDEA what litecoins are and are completely oblivious to the fact that all AMD video cards are flying off the shelf.

    • You are wrong. Every single high end video card AMD is selling is sold out and on back order. Nobody not shorts, not longs saw this coming. If shorts are smart, they get out now because there is absolutely no chance earning report won't blow pass expectation due to the bitcoin and litecoin craze. AMD might make $10-15 off a PS4 or Xbox sale, but the margin from the video cards are much much higher.

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      • pessemist Dec 10, 2013 2:43 PM Flag

        High end AMD video cards come with software games etc. Which AMD pays for. AMD also pays for Mantle utilization to these self same software vendors. What do you think that does to margins? Think about it and get back to me. What you guys fail to realize over and over and over again is that selling stuff is not the same as making money off stuff. All I, as a shareholder, give a rats butt about is what kinda of ROI management can provide. If it costs ten cents to make a cup of lemonaide and I sell a zillion cups for ten the math

    • dude you need to get over yourself you are a moron.....using your logic you think the stock is going to 4.20 and then instead of being long from at least 3.23 where i enterd and have argued with you ever since your strategy is to wait till it gets there and then heavily short it??....see what i mean?

    • go with the trend and enjoy the ride. AMD under $5 is a gift

      Good luck to all long

    • There could be a spike down after earnings. But it will not be the freefall of last earnings. It will be caused by the fact that HFT firms pay brokerages for privileged information on where their clients stops are and their algorithms respond to that information. There will be a great many stops in place and their will be a profit incentive for HFT accumulate those stops.


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    • what does HUGE mean to you? 10K ....100 K.....?

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