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  • arndace2 arndace2 Aug 12, 2014 10:11 AM Flag


    Something close to 28% of amd's float (150 million shares) is shorted. Only ATT has more shorted shares (196 million) which is only 3.8% of ATT's float. AMD by far tops the loser list. We all knew that AMD is a perpetual loser, but the common opinion is that it's about 8 times larger loser. That's just stunning.

    Of course, the newbie morons here translate into "optimism" - that shorts must cover and drive amd up to the stratosphere. That's the nature of schizophrenic optimism. It's impossible to ask newbies to assume that 150 million shares are correct.

    Others would claim that the casino girls have a casino trick up the sleeve. Now THAT could be true. After all, 30 million shares a day for a loser like this is HIGHLY suspicious of being manipulated. AMD cannot possibly attract intelligent true "investors".


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    • Why did the AMDopes listen Mucho Loco Nico and Not the AMDooming Facts, WHY!?!?


    • LOL really?

      It's been up since 7/31 (closing price of 3.91)
      150m shares.... It will be one of the biggest short squeeze in AMD histry. hahaha

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I guess you are a very busy man. You have time to write on stock you don't like? Spread the good will and post beautiful things of stocks your like. There is some theory about that but I let you research it on your own.

      It goes something like this: be where you feel love so that love can multiply in your life. Don't punish those your hate because punishment will multiply many times in your life. Google it on your next free time

      Sentiment: Hold

      • 3 Replies to arroz_33
      • So you actually believe you have the mystery of life simplified, huh? If love AND hate are both multiplicative, how about mega doses of both love AND hate? Do you believe that is IMPOSSIBLE? I can have both, right?

        Where does that leave you? Lopsided and out of touch with reality, I presume. Both love AND hate are very much part of life across all species. And how about neither love nor hate in a life? Is that about as dull and boring a life as possible?

        I'll have a double dose of both extremes thank you - and thus, a very bountiful life.

        From the sound of it, I'll assume that you are a boring weak handed pisswinkle.

      • Consider Ace's input a public service message to protect the public from the corporate equivalent of a known predator.

      • Welcome to the world of ace, it's nothing but a dark place of hate! He gets more sick each year! Just another MB posting monkey with nothing to better to do. Stock investors could care less with these intel dopes bashers think, they just can't grasp that fact. Yahoo has become the place to accept garbage no other MB forum would take. This is why they live here, they got no other place to go.

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